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LuckyDucky Posts: 139Subscriber
edited October 2014 in Poker Goals and Challenges
We had a maniac at our table yesterday... he was betting every hand no-look pre-flop- and I mean to the tune of $60 to $80 a hand... he would follow up with huge c-bets and all-ins... he had the most incredible run of luck... he did lose his entire $2,000+ stack over some bad hands but he made it almost all back right away...

It was a most frustrating experience for me because I had a bunch of guys to his left who were trying to take him down so there was no way I could just overcall - plus even when it was folded around to me, I was catching junk almost all of the time... I was really, really card dead most of the time...

On the other hand, maybe it was for the best because this maniac was crushing the table... by 5 AM we had 3 big stacks at the table... the maniac with maybe $2,000, a guy to his right who was trying all night to profit from this maniac- I think he left with like $1,000.. and myself with $800 (won about $500)... the funny thing is, I made most of my money from the other players at the table (maybe about $200 from the maniac)... a 3-5 player was starting to build a good stack when I left...

Dealers who saw what was going on tried to get in on the "fun" by buying in short-stacked, but they all busted out.. then we started to get 3-5 players buying in at the table and getting busted too... it was a circus... some of the players got really mad and I at one point I was crossing my fingers that a guy who took off of in a huff wasn't coming back with a gun.. lol
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