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Scared of big pots?

BartBart Posts: 6,084AdministratorLeadPro
edited October 2014 in Crush Live Call Ins podcast
The call-ins this week have to do with a lot of spots where the pot gets very big and the callers may not have made optimal plays do to stack sizes. Also some discussion about PLO spots.



  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,146Subscriber
    The last caller sounded like he was a little bit afraid to shovel in his deep stack with the nut straight and top two on a rainbow board. That's why we play PLO, to shovel in our money with the nutterz and get called! Do we get stacked occasionally, sure. But most of the time we do the stackin'!!!

    Bart, Andrew, Don, Limon, anyone else, come to Portland and feast in the BigO/PLO game while it's still around! We can do a little wine-tasting in the valley as well and make a wine/foodie/BigO trip out of it!!!
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