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Raise fold?

swollie Posts: 83Subscriber
edited October 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/5 600 cap.

Hero just sat down at the table 30 min ago and has not played many hands jet so have a neutral image stack 600.

V1 Main villain is pretty bad players who I have seen overvalue top pair twice in 30 min. He is aggressive and seems to think that he is a great player. Stack 1200

V2 reg player very passive plays his hands face up. Stack 50.

Hand: v2 limps in mp1 hero in HJ open to 20 with J10s folds to V1 in bb who calls and V2 calls

Pot is 57
Board: 10 d 10s 6d. V1 checks V2 bets all-in 30 hero calls (very difficult for V1 to have anything)
V1 completes.

Turn Ac V1 now bets 50 I have seen v1 take this line before with an A that he won’t release so want to build the pot.
Hero raises to 125 V2 3bets to 250. Hero thinks for a while and is convinced that V would stack off with an A and shoves against his range. V1 snaps with AK.

Now my question is this against this villain the hand plays itself. But how should this hand play out against a competent player. When my raise on the turn gets raised to 250 a competent player should never have a single A in that spot. So should my hand be played as a raise fold in this spot against a competent player (stacks are probably not deep enough in this spot to fold?)


  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,827Subscriber
    I think he can show up with a lot of As actually. A nut flush draw on flop then on turn he gets TP along with a draw.

    Nh wp.
  • SKOOSKOO Posts: 160Subscriber
    I think flatting against good players can be acceptable on the turn. Like Bart talks about aggressive action, you'll def get value on the river. Against bad players you can ship and know they will call off with top pair good kicker.
  • floppedawheel Posts: 1,063Subscriber
    you'd have to strongly consider folding. on a paired board vs PFR, what is a competent player min-3-betting with on the turn? did he call OOP with T9? not too likely, maybe T9 suited.... but that's a small chunk of the range.... bigger tens, 66, AT all much more likely.... semi-bluff is almost impossible. you appear to be going with the hand when you raise turn, and a competent player is going to realize this and would never put in a min-raise as a semi-bluff.... really can't think of anything we'd be ahead of....
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