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CLT Video No.5: Short-Stack Push/Fold

Craig Posts: 704Administrator
Corwin talks about the push-or-fold mode that dominates short-stack tournament play, covering shove-range charts, how to apply your knowledge of them, and how to defend against players who use them.

Episode posts at 2PM ET.



  • RazaAli Posts: 13Member
    I can not thank you enough for this video. I felt like I was missing some key spots in tournaments to pick up chips. I was playing the choctaw 150$,000 guarantee yesterday (, bagged 65 k day 2)
    I notice some guys using push shove ranges and I was able to pick up nice pots calling light with a10 and pocket 88s due to two guys pushing 18bb stacks early position ... Thanks so much for this video.. If u guys haven't watched this and play an occasional tournament or two, this is s must watch,.
  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    there's a lot of good content in this video.
    but as Corwin admits in the final minutes, a lot of verbosity.

    would have been nice to just talk a little more frankly and show the charts.
    this is not a super complicated concept.
    but as Cole talks about, is something that requires context.
  • nickdevo1 Posts: 163Subscriber
    I like the Kill Phil/Kill Everyone books for push/call ranges. the books break it down in great seat-by-seat detail from which i made a single sheet for simplified use during play, attached.
    i then recorded this into my phone and played it to myself late in tournaments until i had the ranges memorized.
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