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Hands from a Cash Game Vol I

Official discussion of episode 1.

Post questions / comments here and be sure to include details of specific hands.


  • JimO Posts: 4Member
    I was pleased to hear the quality of the recording was as good as ever. Congratulations on a seamless change over.
  • JimO said

    I was pleased to hear the quality of the recording was as good as ever. Congratulations on a seamless change over.
    Thanks Jim. I recorded this weeks episode out side at limons house. You can hear crickets and all. In his little pug kept interrupting us :)
  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member

    It's hard for me to think the kid's 5 bet call preflop with A2 with "the intention of making a move on the flop" is anything but very very bad.

    Is there any reason to believe the 5 bet signifies a range of anything other than AA (3 combos) /KK (6 combos) /AK? (12 combos)?

    If that's the case then AK makes up 57% of his overall range. Even armed with this info how is calling here ever a good play?

    I don't understand what "moves" we plan on making as any flop is pretty much a straight up guess as to whether we are killed or not.

    Are we folding on A or K high boards which will come 14% of the time?

    When he called the 5 bet the PSR was around 1.5. How does that give us any manueverabilty?

    Making speculative calls with the intention of "making moves" makes much more sense to me when villain has a wide range and PSR's are high.

    The variance of this play has to be through the roof.

    I'm assuming they have history where this play makes sense and/or there is something I'm just missing or don't understand but in the podcast you did not address whether the preflop play was good or not.

    Do you think this is a good play Bart?
  • Skinny,

    Can you give me a quick repeat of the hand? And was this from an email? You have to understand that I do thee every week and unfortunately I can't remember them all of the top of my head. But much like my note taking if you rehash some key points that will jog my memory.

  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    Oh, fo, sho.

    Effective stacks: $2,300

    Preflop: You opened 33 utg $35, late 20's decent player raises to $105, Ray (Armenian kid with mustache and goatee) cold 4 bets to $280, you fold, OG 3 bettor raises to $600 and Ray calls.

    Flop $1235: 1025cc. OG 3 Bettor open ships $1700, Ray tanks for five minutes and calls with A2.
  • Ah yes.

    Extremely high variance. And Ray is not a high variance player. I think that he thought that his hand looked so strong by flatting pre that the villain would not cbet as a bluff post flop. It appears as though Ray's thinking is wrong, however I think the ship with AK is a strong semi bluff and the preflop 5 bettor would not have made this bet without clean overcard equity (with something like K4 suited)

  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    Awesome, thanks!
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