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The Limon Episodes - Other Games

Philly Dave Posts: 114Subscriber
edited November -1 in Crush Live Poker podcast
I wanted to just post a thanks for all of the Limon Episodes. Like many players looking to improve their game I spend a lot of time on what Tomy Angelo calls the "Betting strategy" part of the game. The Limon episodes got me really thinking about the off the field stuff. Where does my profit come from, game selection, meta game stuff etc.

Most recently I decided that I wanted to diversify from no Limit Holdem only. In my card room there is a 5/10 full kill Omaha hi/lo game (if a scooped pot is over $100 the winner posts a $10 kill and the next hand plays with $10/20 bets). The game goes on Saturdays and sometimes Fridays. I took a look at the game and decided that if I could bone up a little on my O8 it might be a juicy game.

Turns out this game is made up of Limit holdem players rather new to Omaha and long time but not very good Omaha players. Typically there is one or two good players and the rest of the game is soft. With a few hours of study I have put about 30 very profitable hours of play in this game (LOL sample size).

My card room typically has 15 1/2 NL games and 3 2/5 NL games going. The games are getting tighter and tougher... following Limon's advice to look for the best game in the house motivated me to look where I would not have looked before for value. Learning a new game is a nice change of pace also.

During this learning process I got a lot from the older podcasts on split pot games and the interview with Mark Gregorich.

Thanks for these episodes. Allthough they are a couple years old relistening got me to think out of the box and motivated me to make a positive change.

Now about stud...Kiss
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