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Is it too thin to bet?

CrazyCBettor Posts: 46Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/3/5 Deep Stack (500-1500 buy in)
Just sat down with $1500 stack
Raise to 25 in CO by a very tight straight forward guy (has me covered), I call on button with AcJc, Sb calls (~$650 stack -- new to the table have never played with him before).

Pot (85)
Flop 889ss, ck ck,
I know the preflop raiser has nothing when he checks so I just need to get through 1 guy and so I bet 50, sb calls, preflop raiser folds
Pot (185)
Turn Q, ck
The straight got there but he still has a lot of 9s and spade draws which I can get to fold or charge respectively. Also I pick up a gutshot. I bet 120 and he calls.
River Ts, ck,
what is my play here? He has ~450 behind. Can I get called by worse?


  • Ashish,

    I think he has QT, Q9 or an 8 here most of the time. I'd bet really tiny as these hands may call because they have trips or top two pair. Something like $75-$100

  • shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    Bart, given we haven't heard from him on any street, what is your thinking in discounting the draws (esp the FD) taking this check call line? Also, I would think an 8 would have check-raised or led at some point given how wet the flop would be.
  • I definitely think that he could have a flush here but I expect him to bet the river most of the time when he makes it. As far as the 8 goes, I see this type of line a lot. Slowplay flop and then get scared when trips is not longer the nuts on the turn.

  • Gordon806 Posts: 59Member
    This is difficult because we know nothing about villian but I don't think he is showing up with an 8 here too often. As played by hero and villian, I like a healthier bet of $275 and fold to shove. He is never shoving anything that you can beat given the board. The reason I like a bigger bet is because I favor his range with more jacks like J9, JT, QJ and with a bet like that you might get some chops to fold with the paired board and the flush coming in. Given his action I think it would be more +EV from the chops that fold versus the value of a small bet getting called by worse.
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