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Flopped set agains 2 opponents very deeep

Qw3Rtzui0p Posts: 36Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hello everyone, I want to share a really amazing hand, that happens me tonight..

The game is 1/2€ no max, that mens it is uncapped.

The villian 1 is a pretty loose passive fish (100BB stack)
The villian 2 is a very good winning regular (Have me covered, but we are effective 370bb cca), he have a really good image, better then me, he is agressive and do lot of 2 barreling...

The table is 9 handed and I have opened 5c5c in early position to 5BB and get called on BU by villian 1 and villian 2 ovecalls.

Pot is 30€. Flop gets 5s 2s 7c. I have bet 21€ and get called by button (He can call there with a pretty vide range). And villian 2 raises close to pot.
He could have here set , overpair up to TT, maybe JJ. Combodraws. So if i raise back on him, he would probably go over the top only with set of sevens. So i ended up calling. And villian 1 shoves. The villian 2 take a while, checked my chip stack and called. Now i think he would be on the range towards mostly to overpairs or smaller set. And maybe combodraws. So I ended up calling..

The turn is 3c. The pot is about 900€ and i have got 410 behind.. Not a best card, 64 got there and A4 too. That could be a part of his range. And im mostly folding to a shove on turn... The villian 2 checks. My tought proces was, he would shove his hitted combodraw or a set. Now he must have something like an overpair 88-JJ. And he is good player. My line doesnt look like a set. IT looks like AKss or some combodraw.. So i have checked back.. And think about that, that if every draw bust. He can increadably call me light..

The river is 9 and it bust everything.. He have checked.. I take a while and shoves 410 to 900pot cca. He take a looooooong loooooooong time and ended up calling. He say that, he was hero calling. Because that line doesnt make sense. He told me sometimes, that i played it really good but im not sure..

And another question is. How to behave when the guy is tanking and is looking at me etc.. I was looking on the spot on the table where i can perifer see what is happening.


  • shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    Nice. I assume V2 was in the SB, so you had position on him. Sounds like your play was hard to read and got your the money!Some thoughts:

    On the flop, I think the call is good because according to my math, the SB raised about enough to put the button AI (30 + 21x3 + almost pot is almost 200 euro, right?). You want to give the button every incentive to overcall rather than fold in order to trap as much dead money in the middle. According to the math though, it seems like it wouldn't have even been an option for the V1 to raise again after the SB shoved?

    After this point, I think you are committed to the hand with 410 remaining in a 900 pot. If he shoves, you need to be good about 1/3 of the time -- A4 (probably suited to the spade only), 64, 77 are possible, but a small part of a range that also includes of 2 pair type hands, or FD (front or backdoor) or SD trying to take the pot down (you described him as aggressive and a 2-barreller). If shoved into, I think you need to call all the time.

    Given this, I actually think you have 2 streets to get that 41o in and the question is what is the best way to accomplish this. I actually like a value bet/shove here because there are so many FDs, SDs, 2 pairs that you beat that will likely call with a card to come. Also I think he is equally committed to the pot as you are, so he's calling a wide range. The draws in his hand won't call if they brick the river, but will call now.

    I think the rationale for checking turn behind is because you described him also as an aggressive player, so letting him he'll bluff off/value own on the river is the best way to get his money in -- but you also risk reverse implied odds where he draws for free on the turn, but only puts money in on the river if he hits and likely stacks you.

    The river 9 actually isn't a total blank -- 8 6 got there, which is the top OESD on the flop. Pretty much all the SDs got there except 34. But I still think you can't fold here given the amount you have behind, and I definitely think you ship it once he checks for value.

    I don't have any bright ideas on the acting part -- I usually sit there and drink water. Be interested if other people have good ideas - Limon's interviews are always full of some gems.
  • I think this is a bit on the fancy play side of things. Once V2 overcalls the button's ship, I would weight his hand more toward draws than a set. It's possible he has an overpair. Nonetheless, once V1 ships and V2 overcalls, I am shipping the flop b.c. flat-calling here looks just as strong as calling such a large raise and overcall. Furthermore, if he does have a draw, then simply calling here gives him free cards to hit his draw. Even if you ship the flop and all he has is an overpair, then he may level himself into a call b.c. the pot is so huge. In summary, since an overcall of V1's ship and V2's flat already looks super strong, why not just re-ship yourself to charge his draws?

    As played, I would ship the turn - again for the same reason - why give him free cards to hit his draw and he may level himself into a call with an overpair.

    In general, this is not the kind of hand you're looking to get thin value/hero calls with - you're looking to get super fat value and win a massive pot - so ship the flop or ship the turn!
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