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Small bet on turn to induce Laggy to spazz?

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I am playing 2/3 NL at Bike. My first table was one the best tables I have played at in a long time. A girl playing there has no clue on relative hands strengths and at one point she limps utg and check raises my preflop raise all in with 7s. I had Kings and win the hand. She gets frustrated and moves to another table. I stay at my first table until all the donks bust out and I move to her table when a seat opens up.

I see a player I played with last week who triple barrel bluffed me . He is classic loose agressive. Will raise with almost any two cards from any pos (not exactly, he like suited connectors). I have only gotten to the table about 10 min earlier. I recognize him but I didnt remember he was the laggy from last week until after the hand.. I certainly will remember him now though.

Stacks.. He is shorter than normal maybe 200.. I have him covered.

He raises to 17 over a limper and I see AK spades in the co and flat him. I rather like flatting with AK in this spot because I know he will barrel and I can keep the pot small while I determine what he has.. Guy from the bb calls and the limper folds. Three handed.. ~50 dollar in pot.

Flop J 8 2 all spades..

Yup for the first time in weeks I flop the nut flush. My plan was to raise him if he bet but to my surprise its checked to me. I bet 40.. I want to build the pot and quite frankly I think I am getting called by a big pair with a spade and the queen of spades too.. Also if bb happen to flop a smaller flush I of course want to get the money in. Only laggy calls.. I have him on QQ with Qs or some kind of J (KJ, QsJ, JTs, etc...)

Turn Q clubs..

This is where I think I made a mistake. Against a player who is a calling station I think I need to bet rather big here.. but with him and the overcard I think I actually should make a rather small bet and maybe induce a play. I bet 75 and he talks about how this is payback from last week and folds.. Only after this comment do I remember who he is and really get mad at myself a little bit.. I think with this kind of player if I bet really small he just might use that as an excuse to try and bluff me. I mean I KNOW he is capable of a triple barrel, right?

1) Have you ever tried this with the nuts against a laggy? I mean are they bad enough not to see what you are trying to do? Or is it they just cant help themselves?
2) Do you think this line is the best or should I just stick with a value line and my bet of 75 on the turn is the best way.



  • Stick with large bet for value. I think your EV is much greater simply betting your hand to get max value than to bet small to try to induce.

    If he was going to check raise/get creative, he would have likely done that on the flop, so I don't think he's going to do anything crazy here. He is most likely going to call with any reasonable holding, so why not bet larger to get value.

    I think he folded b.c. he didn't really have anything, not because of the line you took.
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Yes, you want to maximize value, but think about maximizing thru the whole hand all the way thru the river. After the flop he has about $140ish in his stack. You have two streets to go and $140 to get in the middle (obv there are no cards that can come to cause you to fold). I think if u bet $60 on the turn, he may continue drawing and / or calling with his weak range, which I think should include pairs with a spade all the way to 66xs or 55xs. I think your range for him is too tight - people , especially Loose players, are peeling way lighter than you might expect in small limit games. If u bet $60, he might feel compelled to call it off on the river with any showdown value at all. The other thing I've seen is players make a hopeless river shove with no showdown value (if u can get him to the river).
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