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Extremely Common Low Limit Mistakes

I played a hand recently that really highlighted some of the extremely common low-limit mistakes we see all the time.

I limped in on the button with 8Ts behind 3 limpers in a loose medium-stacked game (I've had a good run and have everyone at the table more than covered.) I flopped a gut shot straight draw and a backdoor flush draw. And early position player bets out about a little over 1/4 of the pot, two players call after him, so I call. The turn brings a fourth card to my flush, and the early position player again bets out a little over 1/4 of the pot, so I call again. The river completes my gutshot, he bets out and I raise 3x. He tanks a bit before calling, and throws a fit when I turn over my straight, berating me for calling him down to the river with a gutshot straight draw. LOL.

I commented that I just had a feeling it was going to come in, and that everyone has to get lucky sometimes. He snarled and said, "yeah, it's better to be lucky than good, isn't it." It always amuses me that people will give you the correct odds to call them down and then think that you have misplayed your hand by doing so. It is also interesting how when you have multiple draws and one of them hits, people always focus on how unlikely the draw that hit was, and ignore the fact that you were actually drawing to 12 outs, not 4 (in this example).

What kind of other extremely common mistakes to you see all the time by low-limit players who consider themselves good and berate others at the table?


  • edog Posts: 43Member
    Another common mistake by weak tight opponents occurs after you call their preflop raise with or without position and they continuation bet a flop that has a two suit. When the turn completes the flush draw you often can win with a bet depending on the board texture. A good opportunity is a medium-low-low flop. Basically you can add 9 flush completing outs to your flop play.
  • edog Posts: 43Member
    Actually, you are adding 11 flush completing outs if you don't hold any cards of the suit.Laugh
  • OminousCowOminousCow Posts: 702Subscriber
    Probably the most common one that I see is players commenting to themselves or other people that they should have bet more to 'protect' their hand. Everyone has seen absurd plays that people make due to this mentality. The most extreme case that I have seen was a lady overbet jamming something like 15x pot with a set when I had flopped the 2nd nut flush. I won.
  • grindbler Posts: 131Member
    a general list:
    ] playing too many hands, and calling to much, esp OOP, and continuing in the hand with no plan... the idea is to see cards for them, so charge them for their entertainment by value-towning them to death. This is easy to exploit as they are essentially exploiting themselves... Don't fall into the mental trap of thinking 'they won't call' so i will bet less, or check a marginal, but likely good hand. they are way worse than can be fathomed, and they don't play or think anything like you. don't assume that they do.

    ] not bet-folding EVER. Bart covers this really well

    ] slow playing... if they are purely rec players, the experience of springing a trap, and having the element of surprise going for them outweighs winning $.
    take free cards, and then bomb it the max amount when you make your hand.

    ] talking lame donk-strat at the table... don't partake in it. don't give them any indication verbally that you even know any poker buzz words or legit-strat yourself. no free lessons.
  • Thanks for the excellent replies. Bet-folding value hands and bluffing continuation bettors when draws come in are both awesome weapons in these games. The players who massively overbet to protect their hands are great too, as they are nto only making huge math mistakes but also giving away their hands. Good stuff.
  • Mike Posts: 371Member
    i know a ton of horrible players who think they are the next Bart. They all do the same shit.
    1) ONLY play really strong starting hands but never fold when they make a pair. When someone wins a pot off them they blame luck even though they called 3 streets drawing dead.
    2) Play 100% based on their hand strength alone and not what the other players range is.
    3) pick retarded spots to run bluffs. When they get called they call you a donk for calling with bottom pair when they rep nothing.
    4) "protection betting"
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