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Episode from 2-15-13

edog Posts: 43Member
edited November -1 in Broadcasted Poker
I saw this hand go down around the 1:30 mark.

MP limp with 66, HJ raises with AJ, fold to the limper who calls.
Flop T44r. check, preflop raiser bets, limper calls
Turn T44 A. Check, check.
River T44 A 2. Check, bet, call.

Is there a better line for the Limper other than Check/Call; Check/Check; Check/Call?
Is there any value in a Check/raise on the flop, lead turn?

For the preflop raiser, should he be betting the turn? As soon as the Ace hit the board, Owais immediately commented this is going to be a check back (pot control?). Implying that if the Ace missed the preflop raiser he would have bet the turn. I think the limpers check/call on the river is bad. Would betting turn and river be a better value line?

note: I am recalling this hand from memory so the cards may not exactly correct.


  • If I am the preflop raiser I actually like a bet on the turn to get out some Tx hands and pocket pairs that are higher than 6s. As far as the check call check call check call line of the AJ, I really dont mind it except that I would seriously consider folding the river. You are checking the flop to get the pf raiser to cbet his air on a good textured board. On turn you are trying to induce him to double barrel.

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