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Mono tone board. Semi-strong hand.

hynemesis Posts: 2Subscriber
edited December 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I am always at a loss on mono-tone boards with a medium to strong hand. Here is an example of a hand that I played recently.

Stakes 1-2NL
Hero ~$400
Villain ~$350 (seems competent for the stakes. Just moved over to bum hunt on a table with a few soft spots)

Straddled Pot

Hero (Cutoff)
Villain (button)

3 Callers, hero opens AcAd to 25
Button calls and 4 other people call
Pot (~$150)

Flop comes 5cTc2c

Checked to hero, hero bets $75. villain goes all-in. Everyone folds. I put him on a made flush and decided to call getting 2-1.

My question is what do you do on a mono-tone board when you have the lead in a multi-way pot when you have a semi-strong hand with a nuttish draw? How would you have played the above hand?


  • CalgaryPokerGuy Posts: 342Subscriber
    edited December 2014
    I think you played it great. You're getting action from hands other than made flushes that you totally dominate (eg. pair + fd hands), you have plenty of equity against 2 pairs, sets, and even made flushes. If you were deeper then this becomes more of a situation, but the above hand plays itself I think. I even like the 1/2 pot bet on flop, although depending on your opponents, if you can get calls from weaker hands with a slightly bigger bet then go for it.
  • luckyspewy Posts: 299Member
    There's no reason to only put him on a made flush. You should absolutely call off here.
  • GroundhogDayGroundhogDay Posts: 287Subscriber
    edited December 2014
    sometimes in poker we are forced to lose money by calling off a aggro when he finally has a hand,

    or sometimes losing by calling off when we are pretty sure we are probably behind, but still drawing to the nuts and can sometimes still be ahead...

    A fold would be way too nitty....
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