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Am I turning my hand into a bluff or check raising for value?

Drew5harkDrew5hark Posts: 578Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Really strange hand that I now think may overplayed and spewy. Not sure it's relevant but I have had AA twice in a row the last two hands and have shown them both for minimum pots and commented on how unlucky that was to get no action either time but am sure I will get it this time when i get them again.
2/3 game
effective stacks -Hero $308, Villain covers..
The Villain is all of the place and this is very relevant. He has an idea what he's doing to some extent but has led most hands he has for value and hasn't limped strong yet (aside from medium PP's) and he has pumped a lot of money into pots with medium holdings. He's overplayed several hands but hasn't been real tricky and not given up easily. He's been squeezing often and one time put a 75bb stack in on a reraise w 43o and hit vs AK. An earlier hand we played together I bumped it from the sb w AK and he Limp/called, called the flop on 349 and hammered the turn on a 9 and showed 88. I've been unlucky and laying lots of hands down and am probably viewed as a bit spewy and have been losing this session and am down about a buyin of $300.

8 handed I complete in sb w Ks9h with 5 limpers
(pot 12) Jh,Ts7h - BB checks, villain checks, mp bets 15, LP calls, Hero calls, bb calls, villain raises to 50, mp folds, hero calls, bb folds
pot (157) turn Kd, hero checks, villain bets 120, hero shoves for 255, villain tanks and says "did that K help me or hurt me" and calls off after 2 minutes
River Ac, hero tables hand and is good

I will post my line of thinking afterwards but am curious as to how others view the hand as played, especially the turn obviously.
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