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Sizing with small overpair to board

PokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1/2 $300 max NL

Hero (450) Image is ok. I lost a bunch of hands early but slowly built it back up. Showed down a few big hands post (QQ, AA). Sucked on this villain earlier for $125-150 when I raised pre with AA and got it in with him on a T56dd board for like 2.5 SPR and he had T6 but I turned an ace.

Villain (250) Not playing super passive but calls way too much pre (see above). 20's white guy rec player.

EP limps
Hero (HJ) 8c 8d raises to $11
Button calls
Villain (BB) calls
EP folds

Flop: 7h 5d 4s
Villain donks $10
Hero raises to $35
Button folds
Villain calls.

Turn: 7h 5d 4s Js
Villain checks, hero bets $x?

I thought the small donk was pretty weak. I think he can easily have a hand like A7, A5 etc. He could also have something like 78, 43, that has a weak draw or a hand like 56, 76 that has a pretty strong draw (which I block many of his outs).

Villain looked pained and kinda looked like he wanted to fold, but eventually ended up calling. I thought if he had a pair+open ended he'd probably call quicker, but who knows.

I thought if I was on a bluff with AK or something here, betting a sizable amount here would be pretty tough for him to call especially with the live read. But here, I have a hand where I want him to call. Even though it's only 8's, I don't think he has 99-TT here, so my hand is almost as strong as like QQ or aces here or something vs what I think his range is.

Do I bet small here to encourage a call, or do I just make a larger bet to try to get pair + straight draws to call.


  • Mike Posts: 371Member
    ALWAYS bet big when doing it for value. The sizing of your bets generally isnt going to change what the villian is going to do. He is either calling and trying to suck out or hes folding. Id bet about $80 or maybe even $95 (to keep it under the $100 mark) This would leave $125 into $270 on the river and you should be able to stack him a lot of the time.
  • If I'm betting for value, don't I still need to recognize his range? My perceived range should be pretty strong. I'm wondering if my bet should be any different whether I have pocket 8's, pocket aces, or am high here.
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