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AA tough board

Shark Posts: 108Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I limp with AA utg because btn is on tilt and raises every hand and calls 3 bets easily. He open to 30 I limpraise to 120 he calls. Wir sind ca 1500€ deep in 2/4 casino game. He s a big time recrrational tilty fish. Pot is 240 flop is QJTdd I cbet 140 he calls. TU Jo I C he bets 300€ I call . RI Kd bringing the front door flush and a 4 liner to broadway. I Check he shoves 900€ I fold. Should I give up on flop? Or TU or hero call the RI? 


  • whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    bet more on the flop, it's such a drawy board!
    How often does he float in this spot in order to bluff you on a later street? Do you think he would call the flop with something like 77?

    If he is truly aggressive, I might check-shove the turn or check-call turn and check-call almost all rivers.
    I would also call the Kd river. You are only beat by flushes and full houses, and the river is probably the scariest card in the deck. He might also ship the same hand or a lower straight, since you showed weakness.

    But it comes down to your read how bluff-happy he is.
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