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Raised on the river 2/5

Fish Fryer Posts: 161Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Interesting hand I played last night in a $500 capped 2/5 game. Effective stack size is 450.

Villain in the hand is a young kid that I've only played a few hands with. He just started hanging around the poker room a month or two ago and has befriended many of the regulars. He frequently table hops constantly and shortstacks the 5/5 PLO and 5/10nlhe games. No idea if he is successful. I just don't have much experience with him.

1 limper to me and I raise 9dTd to $20 in middle position. Villain calls from c/o, button calls and limper folds.

Flop (61 after rake and bbj drop) 7c8hJd . Wow. I bet $35, V snap calls and button folds. With his call I was thinking his range consisted of sets, 78, 89, JT, J9, AJ, KJ, KT, 56. I'm not sure that he would call with a gutshot, but perhaps?

Turn (131) Qd. Now I have the nut straight and the open ended straight-flush draw. I bet 75, another snap call. Hmmm Still thinking the range is largely sets at this point as the board is so wet. Maybe should have bet larger here? I thought the sizing was ok due to what I perceived as his range, draws still aren't getting correct price to justify call, but maybe should have bet a bit larger???

River (281) As. I bet 120 and he shoves for another 200. Hero?


  • Mike Posts: 371Member
    I dont really get this hand. How the fuck is villian gonna have KT here?

    Sorry you ran into KT.
  • whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    bet more on flop and turn! The board is so wet, there are a zillion hands he will call a large bet with. Once he instacalls, he doesn't have set often, more something like pair or pair+draw, bottom two, etc. With a set, he would at least briefly think about raising.

    I would only fold on the river if I get a strong tell based on his behaviour and expression that he is extremely strong. There are lots of draws that might decide to bluff the river (your small bet sizes on all streets look much weaker than a straight, so he might try to bluff you of something like KK, QJ, KJ, etc.
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    With this particular board, it seems quite possible that he could value shove worse. Hands like AQhh or AJ, or even a weirdly played set. Betting this board three times is pretty polarizing too, so throw in the random spazz factor of "if he [hero] cbet the flop, how can he still be betting this board runout?"
    Pay da man hiis munee.
    Also, bet bigger on turn and river.
  • MrFizzbinMrFizzbin Posts: 356Subscriber
    Yeah AQ, QQ, if he has a set of Q's he's only afraid of 9-10 and K-10. So QQ or JJ or QJ are probable hands too depending on your estimation of how he plays that hand preflop.

    I think you are good here more often than not, but a bigger turn bet better defines his hand.
  • I'd bet more on every street. Snap call river. If he has KT, lol.
  • OminousCowOminousCow Posts: 702Subscriber
    Gotta agree with other folks in the thread. Bet at least $45 on the flop and then something like $125 on the turn. As played he could easily be shoving worse for value and your small river bet sizing may even induce random spazz shoves from some players so you have to call.
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