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trips top kicker oop

PokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1/2 300 max

Villain 1 (125) raises somewhat frequently in lp, but I've seen him fold to 3bs. Plays pretty straightforward and doesn't really light cbet a lot.

Villain 2 (250) calls too much pre, but plays kind of tight post. Will call raises and then just give up if he misses.

Villain 2 limps utg
Villain 1 (button) raises to 10
Hero (bb) As Qh calls 10
Villain 2 calls 10.

Flop: q s q c 2 d.
Hero donks?

Is this a good spot to donk?

Thought about 3betting pre but usually this guy just folds and I can get value from worse if I flop tp. Also these guys don't steal much so if the flop checks through I can sometimes take it down ott with ace high.

If I donk like 20/40/shove I can get stacks in vs villain 1. Even if he checks the turn and improves he'll probably still be scared of a queen. If v2 has nothing he won't call anyway, but if he has a queen maybe he raises and gets it in.

Or do you think sinking on this kind of board pretty much announces I have a queen?


  • I'd just bet/bet/bet. He isn't cbetting a lot as you say so just start building the pot yourself. If he has a hand like TT or JJ+ he might just call down.
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