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Would you continue with this hand?

dapperdave Posts: 26Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Effective stacks 500 2,5 game.

5 players limp into the hand. BB raises it to 25 from the BB (appears to be a grinder/reg). He gets two callers (including me from the button).

I have Qh 9h.

Flop Qs Jh 8h- A field caller makes a bet of 35, the BB calls and I call. The turn is Td. Field better checks. The pre-flop raiser makes it 75. I now have top pair, flush draw and a straight- I raise to 225. Field better folds. The pre-flop raiser thinks for 3 minutes then shoves.

I fairly confident he has AK (possibly a set-but doubtful, or even the same straight) . I already invested 285 of my 500 stack. The pot over 600. Do you make the call?

Second question-when you bluff in hand pre-flop and pickup the dead money- do you still tip the dealer? After all, you made the profit based on your play not what the dealer dealt.


  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,146Subscriber

    Interesting hand. First of all, the description is a little weird. You say "Field caller makes a bet of 35, the BB calls..." That would be the small blind then, not a field caller. So was it the SB or a field caller who bet the flop? It makes a difference in how to play the hand, as to whether the BB calls the donk bet from the SB, or is check/calling a field bet on the flop.

    Secondly, your hand OTF is pretty huge (top pair, gutshot straight flush draw) against the range of a pre-flop raiser, and you therefore want to punish his range with a good-size raise on the flop. You not only want to get value from worse, but you want to put pressure on all better hands (KK, AQ, KQ), on the flop and the turn, to fold. I would raise this board on the flop to like $125-$150.

    Now, on the turn, when the board gets scarier for a pre-flop raiser's range, you decide to raise, when you have outs to improve if you're behind to AK? The turn looks like a call to me, so the PFR can continue to fire into the pot when behind, and you can continue to protect your stack.

    As for tipping, I would work out a tipping logic in your head and not vary much from that. I prefer to tip a dollar every hand I win, except when I only win the blinds pre-flop. If it's a larger pot (maybe $100 or more), or if I feel like it, I tip $2 or $3. If I stack someone, or suck out in a huge pot, I may tip like $5, because I don't want to look like a cheap-ass, I want to look like I don't care about the money, and I'm there to have fun. You're not tipping the dealer because he/she brought you a winning card, or not tipping because "your skill" was what won the money. Your skill is what makes you money long term in poker. If you used that reasoning, you would never tip.
  • dapperdave Posts: 26Member
    If I remember correctly, the SB was one of the pre-flop callers and then donk bet into the field on the flop.
  • UntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    Pre-flop call is questionable 100BB effective, because I feel like this guy's raising range from the blinds should be super strong, especially if he's only making it 25 which is sizing that wants callers

    But you have the button, and there was some dead money from the limpers who folded, so...

    On the flop your hand is big enough to raise and get in. You're in good shape against anything but sets and AQ, and you definitely have fold equity against the PFR if he's the grinder type and has a strong one pair hand

    I doubt he has the same straight as you because he would have had to make a relatively small raise against a whole bunch of limpers with Q9.
    He doesn't have to have AK here. It could be two pair or something. He probably shouldn't call the donk bet with an unpaired AK if it's not AKhh with a player act to left?

    I would say that if he ever has one pair like an AA that he decides to go with or two pair, it's a call. But if this guy's tight enough that his range is weighed heavily towards AKhh, then it's a little closer

    As for the second question, I usually have the "no flop, no tip" rule. Even if it's a 4 or 5 bet and I win hundreds from the hand.
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