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Episode -03/5/2013 -Questions

dapperdave Posts: 26Member
edited November -1 in Broadcasted Poker
A couple of questions from yesterday LATB (for those who watched it)

Do you agree with Fred's shove with the pocket 88 or would you have flat or fold to the 3-bet?

What did Bart say when Tuch asked him how he would handle the table full of people who are 3-betting?

Nearly no one called a 3-bet with the pocket pair. Was there a hand in which you feel someone should have called with the pocket pair?


  • I think Fred's play is really close. With his stack size he certainly could not have called. It is almost kind of a combo bet move where he may have gotten hands like JJ and below to fold and maybe AK to call. With the dead money out there I think he just decided to go with it.

    In terms of a table that 3 bets frequently you can always 4 bet more liberally and implement cold 4 betting to pick up extra money.

    Calling cold with pocket pairs to people that have a high 3 bet bluffing frequency is in most cases going to be -ev as usually they don't have a hand to pay you off and most of the time you are going to miss.

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