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Nit trappy games... with one bright spot at table... is my solution grounded?

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I was in Oklahoma this weekend at Winstar and besides the fact that 90% of the players play very nitty trappy I did get at a NL table today with one player that was a bad lag.. I just happen to have the seat to his left and I decided given the play I would have to adjust what I would normally do preflop. In the small game 1/2 many players see fit to just limp call virtually any raise amount. many hands would be 6 or 7 handed even after a 13 or 14 dollar raise.. I played around a bit and to really isolate I would have to raise to almost 25 dollars.. lol.. BUT.... the laggy called every bet.. Laugh

I didnt do this every hand but I did it alot against him when I had position on the table.. co and button..AND I did it with a wide range of hands.. from AA to 78 s. I also noticed that he had a variety of raising sizes pre.. from very small (like 3x) to very big (like 10x). of course his small bets were small pairs and SCs and his big raise was a better hand.

I even three bet him in one hand with 65 suited.. BB called and he did. flop came K 4 6 and I cbet and took it down.

the players were pretty much playing fit or fold so my cbets got thru unless they had something.. The "something" was a bit harder to narrow since so many of the players checked nut hands all the way to the river and then just called! I mean it was rather sick. In one round I saw three flopped nuts checked to river trying to trap. they all won small pots.

So with this fit or fold style with the laggy, I figured I would just try to iso him when I had position and it worked pretty well..

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