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PLO @Commerce & Bike

Jerrygunz Posts: 2Subscriber
edited April 2015 in Poker Goals and Challenges
Hey guys, i'll be in LA for a few days at the end of the month and I have some questions about the L.A PLO scene. I know about Bravo, but Commerce has a strange way to name the games and I dont understand it... I know a lot of you guys are from the west coast so I figured you could probably help me a little bit.

My questions:

1- How many times a week am I gonna be able to find a PLO game at Commerce? (5-5 and up, up to 10/25 or 25/50). At what times would you say the games start? More action on the weekends or on week days?

2- What is a 2500 - 0 2 PLO ? I understand that a 100-300 PLO game is a 100 min 300 max buy in, am I right? So what is a 2500 - 0 2 or a 600 - 0 2 NL Holdem, etc.

3- If you are playing that game from time to time, how would you qualify the games? Are they usually good or full of nits waiting for the nuts?

If you want to add any nice imformations, feel free! Thanks a lot. Sorry if my english isnt very good, i'm from Germany. Thanks!


  • BartBart Posts: 6,084AdministratorLeadPro
    edited April 2015

    Yes the games in LA are named strangely. The people working at the casinos have no clue about anything. They are listed as minimum buy-in.

    SO the 2500 PLO is $25-$50. Its a huge game that usually goes every day, sometimes 2 games. From my understanding its not all that good. I've played it maybe 4-5 times.

    $600NL is $10-$20 NL uncapped.

    $500-$1500NL is $5-$10

    $300-$500NL is $5-$5

    Lately there has been a "300-1000" Omaha game spread which is $5-$5-$10 with a $1k buy in cap. its the same game as the bike except the Bike is uncapped. I have also heard Hawaiian gardens has a 5-5 PLO game.

    100-300 Omaha at Commerce is a tiny 1-3 half PLO half PLO8 game.

    Hope that helps.

  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,146Subscriber
    edited April 2015

    Have you played in both of the 5-5-10 PLO games at Bike and Commerce? Would you say one is softer than the other, or would you say they're pretty much the same? I only played in the 5-5 PLO at the Bike once in the fall and it was fairly soft that night. I'm coming back first weekend in June and am just curious about your opinion. Thanks.

  • BartBart Posts: 6,084AdministratorLeadPro
    Hey Chris,

    The game at Commerce rarely goes at that time. I am surprised that it still is going a few times a week now. It is usually only there during the LAPC. It wouldn't shock me if there is only one game during the summer at one of the three big casinos. Lineups matter not the Casino.
  • Jerrygunz Posts: 2Subscriber
    Thanks Bart!
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