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UIGEA question

reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
Just curious, how is daily fantasy sports getting around UIGEA? Doesn't UIGEA have to do with the transfer of money across state lines for internet gambling purposes? How is DFS getting away with being 100% out in the open and completely legal, yet online poker sites facing the USA are still underground? This makes no sense to me. Of course I'm no lawyer, but this just seems absurd to me. That is all.



  • BartBart Posts: 5,820AdministratorLeadPro
    Because in the UIGEA there is a carveout exemption specifically for DFS. If that exemption was not there I am sure that using banks to fund DFS would be interpreted as breaking the law.
  • khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
    edited April 2015
    Because there is a specific exception in the UIGEA for:

    1) Daily Fantasy Sports

    2) Betting on Horse Racing

    That's right. It's cool if you want to bet the ponies online, but not cool if you want to play poker.

    It pays to have good lobbyists, is the take-away from this.
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