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How to start building a bankroll?


I have a few years experience playing poker online and played live here and there. Moved to Portland recently and decided to give live poker another shot. I'm playing 25nl online trying to build up a decent roll for live and I have a decent job where I get a lot of off time during the summer to play. All the bankroll threads I've read are about taking shots and moving up. What is a decent approach? Should I just be taking weekend shots at 1/2 or sticking to online while trying to save money?


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,055Subscriber
    squilliams said:
    Should I just be taking weekend shots at 1/2 or sticking to online while trying to save money?

    It's great that you have a decent job. My recommendation is to make a written budget every month, and allocate some of your income to dump into your poker bankroll. While you're doing that, you can play small stakes online during the week, and play 1/2 on the weekends. If you're contributing to your bankroll from two directions (playing, and saving from your day job), you should be able to build a bankroll pretty quickly.

  • JohnnyBest Posts: 33Subscriber
    My approach to bank roll building and shot taking is this: For NLHE, an appropriate bankroll would be 25 buy-ins. When you want to move up, save up 5 buy-ins above your 25 buy-in bankroll for the next level and take a shot.
    • If you lose move down,
    • otherwise keep going at your current level until you have 25 buy-ins for the new level.
    The only other advice I can give is to pay yourself first. For me, that means I take 50% of whatever I make from poker and put it away. That way if anything happens, like an emergency, you have that money available. Furthermore, try to invest the money or even put it into an online savings account. Use the power of compound interest to your advantage! Hope this helps!

    - John
  • ACK Posts: 428Subscriber
    Get a good paying job and save $$$$. Small stakes are for learning not building a roll.
  • eyehaityou Posts: 294Member
    Portland here. Don't play holdem usually but can give you the run down. We have the bonus of all the public games being rake free so even 1/2 can be profitable
  • workinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    I feel like there are a dozen threads with this exact topic now on the forum. search for what has already been said.
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