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First post, two hands

Hart Banson Posts: 2Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Both hands took place at a capped $2-3 game, effective stacks about $300 in both hands.

Hand 1:
Folded to me on the button, I raise to $11 with Ah8d. SB calls, BB folds, $22 pot after rake.

Opponent is a late-20s white guy who I read as a competent player (by 2-3 standards anyway), capable of solid hand reading and making some moves. We've been playing at the same table for a couple of hours and have tangled a few times; he probably has a TAG image of me.

Flop 764 with two diamonds. He checks, I bet $15, he calls. $50 pot.
Turn is an offsuit Q and he checks. I fire the second barrel to the tune of $30 (too small??), he again calls. $110 pot.
River is a very interesting card: the Ace of diamonds. Before I can formulate a plan here he quickly leads into me for $100. I.....?

Hand 2:
Two limpers at passive daytime table, I limp in late position with JTo, blinds complete/check. $14 pot.
Flop JJ5, two hearts. To my surprise the following takes place: SB (young tourist Asian guy) bets $15, BB folds, first limper (middle-aged Asian guy) calls, second limper (very loose-passive white lady in her 50's) min-raises to $30. What's the play here?


  • Mike Posts: 371Member
    hand 1 check the turn. He is going to hit this card a lot and i dont think hes folding to the cb too often on that board. As played im folding the river since that should smash your range so he should be worried about it if he cant beat the A

    hand 2 depends on how many J is in her range? Is she going to be playing any J or just J9+? Generally im going to call and try and fill up as its unlikely she is playing enough J to make raising +ev.
  • whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    Hand 1:
    I don't mind the turn bet to possibly fold out better hands and get value from flush draws.
    Mike, how is he going to hit the Queen after flatting the flop?

    The river is a bit of a guessing game if he's aggressive, as he can have the flush of course, but he also should know that you have to fold to his bet a lot. I am mostly folding the first and second time around, until I have more information about his bluffing frequencies.

    Hand 2:
    I am calling once but strongly considering a fold if there's more action on the turn. We are behind almost every Jx, and I don't see villain raise with worse hands often enough to call down. Mike is probably flaming me for folding, but in my experience we have high reverse implied odds and low implied odds in these kinds of situations. I.e. we are going to either win a small/medium sized pot because villain will shut down with worse, or we are going to loose a large pot as he keeps firing with better.
  • Mike Posts: 371Member
    in the games that i play people float a lot of flops. Anything that would call the PFR is not folding on boards like this... so his essentially its the same if the Q flops or if it turns. I suppose with different games they might fold hands like KQ and QJ on the flop but not in the games i play.

    i dont think that folding is bad but it depends on the villian. You are probably right in that we are behind most of the J in his range since we have close the the bottom end of trips. I do however disagree that we are going to win a small one or lose a big one. I think if villian has a J in this spot we should be able to get stacks in no matter what their kicker is. Since if they are bad enough to play hands like J8 and worse than they are never folding trips. but it is unlikely that they are playing enough J hands for us to be profitable. we lose to AJ,KJ,QJ and 55 so the villian has to be playing Jt,J9,J8,J7 for us to be neutral. which is hardly ever the case.
  • Hart Banson Posts: 2Member
    Good discussion here.

    First hand: I tanked for several minutes and called. It was so close that I probably would have folded if I didn't have the 8d in my hand, as insignificant a stopper that card may seem. He wryly said "You're probably good" and turned over black 55, and I drag a decent pot. Looking at the combinations of hands, whether or not one is getting the right odds to call depends on exactly what suited combinations the BB is willing to call with, which is hard to predict even for players with whom we have some degree of familiarity. So if a call or a fold are wrong, it's not by much.

    Second hand: I thought for a while and folded, reasoning that with that much action in front of me it is unlikely that I have the best hand and I might even be third best. However, this proves to be wrong as the other two players call the flop and then the next two streets are checked through and the lady on my right has J9s while the other two have busted flush draws. I don't so much mind my fold since given the complete lack of action after the flop it seems unlikely that I could have pried much more money from the other players unless I was willing to put a lot at risk to deny flush draws proper odds...all the while with the chance that one of them goes into passive check-call mode with QJ or KJ. Also, the river was annoyingly a T.
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