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$1-$3 awkward stack/bet sizing question

irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 394Subscriber
$300 effective stacks, both opponents have me covered.

My image is a little loose so far in this session, having won a good pot earlier when I opened w/ J2 suited on the button & got 3 streets w/ trip 22s. I have been actively open raising in late position & winning pots w/out show down.

Mid-aged Asian man opens in mid-position to $15. I have not played w/ him before. He has been at the table for about an hour & has been pretty quiet so far, winning a few small pots w/out going to showdown.

I call in the CO w/ red 99.

SB calls. He is a white guy in a Masters hat who looks to be in his upper 50s. He has played lots of pots & is running good. He looks like he's always following the action but has made several bad plays, chasing draws with bad odds & calling multiple streets w/ 2nd pair or less. Most recently he won a decent pot by chasing the low end of a gut shot on the turn on a 2 flush board when he hit on the river.

I had been up about $200 but stack had dwindled down to $300 after I could not run down his QQ w/ 2nd pair & the nut flush draw.

Flop is 9 8 3

Preflop raiser C-bets $60 into $45. This is where I got a little stuck & I was unsure of the correct amount to raise. When he makes that bet into that board, I give him credit for an overpair that just wants to take the pot now.

My question is how much to raise? There's $100 in the pot & I have about $285 left. I ended up making it $140, leaving me about $145. If the SB folds & he calls there would be about $320 in the pot, which sets up an easy shove on the turn. Shipping the flop seems like a massive overbet & raising much smaller may price in the SB on a very wet board. Not sure what the correct bet amount would be here. Thank you.


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,054Subscriber
    Because Villain bet so much, you don't have to worry about a small raise giving SB the right price to draw. A minraise makes SB have to call $120 into $165. That's iffy for almost any draw.

    $60 sure seems like he wants to end the hand now. Must be QQ+ afraid of all draws. He's probably going to have a hard time folding. I like an overbet ship. It looks like you're trying to get maximum fold equity on a draw, and should get a big pair to call.
  • MrFizzbinMrFizzbin Posts: 356Subscriber
    I'd go 125
  • CajunDragonCajunDragon Posts: 173Member
    Seems like he likes his hand.. I probably make it $150.. The board is very draw heavy so he might just call a ship and put you on a draw..
  • willbert7willbert7 Posts: 26Subscriber
    I would shove here because your getting called a very high percentage of the time, as it appears like you have a draw. In my opinion a raise is worse than a shove and also a call as it shows too much strength on our part, plus if our plan is to raise the flop and shove the turn then that gives our opponent two chances to fold and when you look at this board there's a ton of action killing cards on the turn which could cost us the rest of his stack. We have the nuts, the villain clearly has an overpair, shove now when he is less likely to fold.
  • Johnny_UtahJohnny_Utah Posts: 402Subscriber
    Like other said....Probably villain is scared of draws. All fish hate the front door flush draw out when they have the overpair.

    If you raise and he just calls, a club may kill your action. If you raise he could 3bet ship...but if he is doing that, then he would just call the shove anyway in most cases. So I think the best option is to shove. Get it in before the turn kills your action!
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