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River play after calling large turn c/r on 655K5

Main villain is BB, middle-aged recreational asian guy that acts really goofy but hasn't done anything too crazy. Defending maybe 30% preflop in this spot. BTN is super sticky recreational player (I would valuebet flop with ~AT+). River?

5/5 NLHE. 5 handed, hero raises KJdd to $20 UTG, BTN calls, BB calls. $1500 effective.

Flop 6c5h5s, pot $60
Checked around.

Turn Kh, pot $60
BB check, hero $40, BTN fold, BB $150, hero calls.

River 5d, pot $360
BB check, hero?


  • aaron Posts: 498Subscriber
    Don't really see what you're getting value from here. I don't think Kx is CR turn so betting big to get him off a chop doesn't seem like a good play. I would expect most of his 5x to bet huge on the river and would expect 66 to bet as well. Once in a while these hands will trap and the rest of his CR range is made up of missed draws. I guess you could bet super small to induce from his draws (something tilting like $65) but in a vacuum I'm checking back.
  • daniel9861 Posts: 207Subscriber
    edited April 2015
    On the turn I'm probably just folding to the turn c/r because ppl don't bluff often enough in these spots and if they do it's most likely going to be a lead on the turn with a semi bluff as opposed to c/r. The ones that do c/r with too many bluffs here should be easy to spot and it doesn't sound like V is one of those types. V also has a lot of 5x in his range closing the action in the BB 300bbs effective.

    On the river his range should be missed draws with air and hands that beat ours going for another c/r. Therefore it doesn't look like there are hands to get value from so it looks like a check back. Also if the casino rules are last aggressive action has to show first then there is merit to forcing V to showdown and seeing what hands he's doing this with in a spot that doesn't seem +EV to bet relative to checking anyway. Normally I don't force rec players to reveal their hand but it seems like the info would be pretty important here.
  • maphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    checkback. I would check somewhat often in villains shoes with quads or 66 (and probably very often play the same way on the turn), hoping hero would bluff hearts or some unlikely 78s. also I expect most good players tobet a king in hero's spot anyways and then not folding to a medium size x/r.

    on the other hand I don't see any value in betting except getting villain to fold a split but therefore we need to make a huge overbet and risk/reward isn't very appealing to me.

    after all he is rec player so bet might still be better to get him off a chop. really depending of how "good"/tricky rec player you think he is.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    I think villaincan easily have a king and is check raising turn. So I think the call is fine for all but the nittiest villains

    River is just a check. If you bet big you might might get someone off a king. But thats not very likely and you will get shipped on with quads
  • ReignmakerReignmaker Posts: 147Subscriber
    I'm leaning towards folding the turn unless I've seen with my own eyes this villain making a move with a draw in the past. The other thing is that everyone seems to put preflop raisers on AK, especially since you checked back the flop. Therefore, when he raises when the card that's supposed to hit your range comes on the turn, it has to be a little concerning. However, if you think his raise is indeed polarized to trips+, OESFD, FD+GS and 6x of , then I guess you should make the call and evaluate the river.

    As far as getting value on the river, I just don't see what you will get called with that you beat. That being said, another poker training site that I subscribe to advocates betting in these spots even though you have close to the nuts so that you don't have to show your hand and you hide information. So I guess I bet fold. Who knows, I've seen some people call in these spots with something like A 6.
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