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Turn min raise?

Weird hand - the game is $1/2 no limit and this hand is a straddled pot.
2 EP limps, I open to $20 with AJo from MP and get 4 callers, pot is $100.
Flop is Q♠️J♥️5♠️, checked through, I was last to act and decided to check it back, turn is 2♦️, checked to me again, I bet $40, SB (beginner, Asian lady late 40's) calls, this worried me, the guy who straddled then min raises to $80 (he's a decent aggro tourney player but terrible cash game player), I call and SB folds, pot is $300, river is K♣️, straddle shoves for $200 effective.
Should I be calling the turn here?
What's his range look like on the turn to you guys?
As played, should I call the river?
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