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boat on river call to chop or fold

Saw this hand the other night curious what others think

$2/5 NLHE ($200min/$500max) at Borgata on a Saturday evening

Heroine (big blind in Seat 5)
• Been sitting in this game for 3 hours
• Mid 20s/Asian American/headphones on but interactive with table
• $1200 with a TAG winning image
• Accumulated chips by
o opening pre & 3betting flops to shut down
o showing up with nutz at showdown
Villain 1 (middle position in Seat 9)
• a known agro reg/pro(?) in the room who also plays $5/T occasionally though I haven’t play with him much and/or recently
• late 20s/white/headphones
• ~$2000 with LAG image
• A few hands into the session: I opened with TsTc from UTG for $30 and he calls from EP. HU on a Qd9hTh flop: check, check. Turn 8h: I bet $50. He raises to $175. I shove for $400. He insta-mucks.
Villain 2 (MP in Seat 10)
• A rec player who I’ve played with before though not recently
• Late 40s/Caribbean (that’s my very educated guess. )
• Extremely call happy pre as he loves to see flops
• He folded puh-lenty of times to my c-bets on flops and turns, sighing that “(He is) never ahead against (me)…”
Villain 3 (small blind in Seat 4)
• A rec player who I’ve played with before though not recently
• Mid 40s/white/button down shirt/having a red wine
• $500 and only opened/got involved with 99+ it seemed
• Seems very occupied with texting on 2 different phones

Maybe TMI but I want you all to really have been there with me!


Pre-flop: V1 opens to $20. V2 calls. V3 calls. Heroine completes in BB with QcTc.

Flop ($80): QdJh10d
Heroine bets $55. V1 calls. V2 calls. V3 folds.

Turn ($245): Js
Heroine bets $100. V1 folds. V2 calls.

River: ($445): Jd
Heroine bets $175. V2 snap-raises to $500.

HEROINE? Also, commentary on all streets welcome.


  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    stay away from heroin, it'll kill you!

    but about the hand -
    I won't comment on calling a raise pre-flop with Q T in the BB - I'll leave that to ACK
    I don't like the flop bet
    I don't like the turn bet
    but I LOVE the shove by V2!

    Now it's a game of... does he have the J? Or am I calling for a chop?
    It doesn't look like he's got a bigger pp - like KK or AA.
    It's hard to imagine he's bluffing.
    So his range is KJ, QJ or JT. as well as AQ and KQ.

    Like I said. Stay away from heroin.
    nice shove by V2.
    well played.
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