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Matrix, Bay101, Lucky Chances, Livermore, Cal Grand, Oaks & the Palace?

GSpot Posts: 97Subscriber
To all of the Northern CA. contingent, I would love to get your thoughts and find out how CLP penetrated these places are. What are the best games, spots and why?


  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    I'm not in NorCal, but I've played all those rooms. The palace has the craziest NL game around that has tiny blinds but optional "kill" where players can put out $5 or $10 that makes that hand play as $10 or $20 to go respectively. So one hand you'll be playing 1/2nl , and the next hand the equivalent to 10/20nl.

    I will never give cal grand another dime. It is the worst run poker room I've ever played in with some very unfriendly policies such as no chops allowed / full drop taken every single hand.

    Livermore is a small room with some 2/3nl and 6/12omaha action. And I think 4/8 HOLDEM. Pretty much no great players there (ie games are good) cuz the action is small.

    Matrix and Bay101 are the biggest of the bunch with the most number of games and variety of games. There are some big-ish NL games (10/25) that go at matrix sometimes. Bay101 has its roots in limit HOLDEM and formerly had very restricted max bet sizes. They do offer $5 and sometimes $10 blind NL games. There are limited tables at bay and therefore waits can be very long.
    by 1GSpot
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