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1/3 plo. Btn straddle , flopped it but no flush draw

This is casino game that runs often , but tonight bigger game starts soon and this games is the small game. Hero IP , $650. V1 $1500. V2 $600

Btn straddle , typical raise to 20 by random. V1 in BB , V2 utg+2 Hero in highjack has 9h9d6h5c. Assume V1&V2 competiant 5 to flop Pot $110

Flop 8s7s4h
V1 pot, V2 re-pot, V1 pre loads to call

Standard call / all in for Hero ? Just need to fade the spades or is this example of trouble playing a marginal hand in plo ?


  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    super easy call with mini wrap + bdfd
  • khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
    edited April 2015
    Who raised preflop? If it isn't V1 or V2, then it's not relevant. But it'd change the hands I think they likely have if V1 or V2 was the PFR. Anyway....

    So if the pot is $110, and V1 pots it, then V2 repots it, the pot is $660 it's $550 for you to call, and you have $650 behind. I'd just get it in, I don't see the sense in calling.

    At these stakes, it's likely that you're freerolling V2 who has the made dry nuts, and V1 has a set or NFD or (if he's a NLHE player playing PLO) a two pair kinda hand. You are freerolling the made dry nuts because of the 9's in your hand.

    You, I suppose, could also call and fold to a board pairing or spade turn, if V1 then pots it. If the turn is a blank, and you get it in, V1 is never folding, and you get a free card for your $100. This is assuming that V1 is a very straightforward player and will never bet a spade or board pairing turn card unless he has spades or a boat. Given that people generally play straightforward at these stakes, and even moreso when stacks are super short, I guess that's an option too.

    I'd just be getting it in on the flop with those stack sizes and the SPR by the time you have to call the bet, tho. I don't think it's an overplay, it's just PLO.

    Folding isn't an option here with stack sizes being what they are.
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    You could be about 50% equity vs a super specific hand like T9XXss, but are likely free rolling the other player if he has 56XX. With effective stacks at 120 BBs to start , and getting over 2:1, this seems like a snap ship / call (if you feel like you can fold for your last $100 if you see a bad turn card).
    So pretty much +1 to khalwat.
  • CT Posts: 62Subscriber
    thanks - i did not think calling was an option - I went all in/re-pot. V1 immediatley called, as did V2. I was hopping they may both have spades, but ... as noted above V2 had nuts and bottom to pair , V1 had top set and NFD. crunching the #'s - I got about V1 50% equity, V2 1% and Hero with 25% - with the remaining the chop equity w/ V2. I have been running little cold at PLO, and thot it was a good call, just needed to talk it through. thx again... board pair'd on the river.
  • BradleyT Posts: 621SubscriberProfessional
    It's close. You can do 4-5 seperate simulations on propokertools and come up with scenarios where you have 42% equity, 38% equity, 24% equity, and even 17% equity. Most people are probably getting it in here but it's not like you're printing stacks every time you do.

    Keep in mind that winning this hand and having a $1900 stack in a $1/3 game with a capped buy-in probably has added value. You'll be deep with weak players, especially if the better players are going to the big game.
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