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Bluff Spot in PLO & x/Calling a Tilter in PLO - 2 Hands

I'm really trying to improve my PLO game beyond just watching videos and thinking about it, so I'm going to try to post 2-3 hands a week from PLO/BIG O in this forum for help.
Some of these may be fairly simple, but I just need some reassurance.

Hand 1: Calling a Tilter in PLO

Villain (BTN): She is a mid 30s lady who has some serious emotional problems and tilts really, really hard. She just busted once or twice and is entering her tilt mode although she isn't fully in the mood yet - more of a semi-tilt.

Hero (CO): Pretty neutral image as game just started. I'm viewed as tight by most players and known as a decent winner in the game.

$1/$2/$5 $150 Effective

Hero raises to $25 over 2 limpers with AAK6 :r:
Villain calls. BB calls. Both Limpers call.

Flop: Q84 :r: ($125)

Checks to Hero. Hero checks. Villain on BTN moves all-in for $125.
Folds to Hero. Hero calls.

I'm not doing this on many boards, but the board can't get much safer. Agreed?

Hand 2: Bluff Spot in PLO

Villain (BTN): Same villain as above. She has started winning now, so her tilt factor should be far less now. She is playing a little more standard now. She did lose the hand to me though above.

Hero (CO): TAG, winning image. Running pretty well and playing fairly tight.

$1/$2/$5 $675 Effective

One limp to Hero. Hero overlimps with KQJ8 :r:.
Villain raises BTN to $20. BB calls. Limper & Hero call.

Flop: Q 7 3 :r: ($75)

Checks to Hero. Hero checks. Villain bets $50. Folds to Hero who calls.

Turn: 7 ($175)

Hero checks. Villain bets $75. Hero x/r to $200. Villain takes 5-10 seconds and calls.

River: 9 ($575)

Hero leads $300 leaving V with $100 or so behind.

I call flop because I think she has air, a similar hand, or an overpair a fair part of the time which I have direct odds against. On the turn, I felt her bet was so capped at AA that I thought a x/r barrel would get her off especially if the flush came in. After the near snap call, I actually considered giving up if I didn't hit a Q or a diamond to bluff. Once the diamond came, I stuck with the plan.


  • Jordan Posts: 78Subscriber
    Hand #1:
    What was the plan if someone bet? Did you have the others covered?
    Seems like a better play for a heads up, or maybe 3 way situation. With 4 other players in the pot, all the factors need to be there.
    Yes the board is as dry as can be, but there are a couple straight draws out there. If anyone has something like 7654, a pair an gutter wrap or a pair in a gutter with live two pair outs, you're in trouble.

    Hand #2.

    I see your thinking, and it works in NLHE, but I think it's flawed in PLO.
    I know you classified this woman as "Tilty" when she tilts, does he lean towards calling down or folding?

    The flop call is fine, you may have the best hand, plus you have a lot of back door straight possibilities. The check raise on the turn seems optimistic at best. You're raising to 200 after she bets 75. She's only has to call $125 into $450.
    I'd like the play more if you have the A because you're just blindly running an expensive bluff with only a blocker to queens full.
    Being out of position hurts, being only 135bbs effective means your sizing isn't going to force a lot of fold because you're giving odds.

    I'd save a bluff like this for a situation when your deeper and in position. When out of position, you need more blockers. Plus who's to say she didn't back into a flush or some sort of weird full house.
    I feel like there's better spots.
  • Jordan Posts: 78Subscriber
    Also, I think people on tilt tend to really become payoff wizards. I'm not sure I've seen people tilt and start making tight lay-downs.
    Id start value betting thinner if she is calling down.
    I'd avoid running big bluffs.
  • High__Rolla Posts: 775Subscriber
    First hand is a meh call if you can put Villian on range below. You need 33% equity to breakeven. If she has a tighter range, it's a fold. It shows the importance of redraws.

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  • DrGambol Posts: 724Subscriber
    Hand 1, I think id rather l/3b rainbow AAxx than raise and play against the field. You're just not doing that well unless you flop a set against a bunch of other players. X/c is kind of gross but probably better than jamming flop since we can fold if the action gets too crazy behind us.

    Hand 2, in not sure I like the plan against the villain described. If she's so spewy in the first hand, then I don't think we can comfortably bluff her in the other hand. I know that you said she was less tilted now, but that doesn't mean she won't overplay AA/KK and call down or call down with whatever backdoor flush she might have hit.
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