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Preflop All in Calling Range vs. Open Ship

svlao Posts: 1Subscriber
I sat at an late night NLHE game with a local (corrupt) politician who went all in blind with 400BB for every single hand for about 3 rounds. When he lost, he rebought to 400BB again and again. I doubled my initial buyin of 100BB with JJ calling in the cutoff.

What would your calling range be if it were folded to you for 100BB? 200BB? 400BB?

Yes, it's more fun in the Philippines. ;-P


  • aaron Posts: 498Subscriber
    If I was closing the action and someone shoved blind I'd be calling any A,K,Q9+,JTs+,Pairs. You should probably be calling much wider than this but you have 50% equity with the following range: A,K,QQ-22,QJ-Q5,JT-J8,T9,Qx4x-Qx2x,Jx7x-Jx6x,Tx8x-Tx7x,9x8x
  • ACK Posts: 428Subscriber
    Depends hugely on how many people are behind you. This is just a maths problem.
  • boredoo Posts: 223Subscriber
    Agree with ACK. Hey, what room are you playing at in the Pines?
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