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BB special with trips $3/5 NLHE

shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
In the BB with J5o. SB has about $200, I have him covered. He is a reg, straight-forward tight weakish older Asian gentleman.
Limped around 4 ways, SB completes, I check. $20 in pot
Flop 853 rainbow. SB checks, I decide to lead for $15.
Two folds, SB calls for $15
Turn is a 5 offsuit. SB checks, I lead for $40. SB calls for $40.
River is a 7. SB leads for $50 into a pot of $130.
Hero? Raise, call or fold? Other suggestions on how to play the hand on previous streets? Thanks in advance.


  • UntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    I would just call. Don't think a raise is getting much value from worse. His line is consistent with 64 or a slowplayed boat or a 5 (which is less likely because you hold one already) or some weird hand he decided to call two barrels with and turn into a bluff.

    If he has 45 or 56, he really should fold to a raise, but let's just assume that since you described him as weakish, these are the only hands you beat that you're getting value from if you raise.
  • I'd just call. He may have some weird 8 here or 78 some of the time. Definitely not strong enough to raise.

  • Hand looks fine and I'd just call the river.
  • shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    Thanks all (sorry for the late reply things have been a bit crazy). Just looking for some more opportunities to bet/raise for think value and/or fold out better hands and wanted to see what people thought. Villain had 10 5o and I dragged the pot.
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