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Best line to get value from set of AAA in 3bet pot?

ClockClock Posts: 1,132Subscriber
edited May 2015 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I played this hand and it got me thinking about this.
2/5 1000 cap game.

UTG: $10 stradde
V: (new guy at the table, ~30yo, ~750 effective) raises straddle to 35 from MP
HERO (covers V) 3bet with AA from SB to 100, folded to V, V calls
Flop (215): A J 8

Now I don't usually slow play, but when you flop a set of Aces in 3bet pot what do you think the best line is?
It's kind of a unique situation because he's so much more PP heavy due to us blocking Ax combos, so chances are he has:
- under PP to an A (like QQ-KK) or even to J like (99-TT)
- flopped a set (all the $$$ going in no matter what we do)
- or has super weak hand

Considering all that, I thought it's best to rep like we have QQ, KK and are "afraid of the Ace", so:
Flop (215): A J 8
HERO checks, V bets 200 (450 behind) (again, same situation/question, if I x/r - what's the point, he will just fold almost everything right?) - HERO calls
Turn (615) 8x: HERO checks (hoping V will continue to bet) V checks :frown:
River (615) 3 - pretty horrible card, cause now V cannot beat shit.
HERO bets 275 just hoping to get looked up somehow, V tanked and squirmed, looked like he almost mucked, but finally calls (didn't show)

Do you think there was a better way to get more value?
What if river wasn't a , do we shove? I think I would shove...



  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber

    If you think he is likely to call turn and river then for sure check. If hes likely to bluff at it then for sure check. I like both those lines.

    If he isnt but will call wider pre then he can have broadway and flush draws in his range. There i like to bet on the smaller side.
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