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Flopped the nuts 3way vs 1 short stack AI, best value line? (***live intangibles)

ClockClock Posts: 1,132Subscriber
edited May 2015 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/5 1000 cap gm.

V1 (REG, older guy, seems competent: ~800) limps
HERO (mid 30s, pretty new to table, won a couple of pots w/o SD: 1200) overlimps 2 3
V2 old fart (~150) overlimps, like 5 way to flop.

Flop (25): A45r (1 club, 1 diamond) V1 old-reg bets 20, V2 old fart on my left calls out of turn
HERO, says: "I didn't act yet", raises to 60, V2 now insta-calls 60, folded back to V1, he bets-3-bets to 165 (~600 behind), HERO calls, V2 insta AI for like like 120-130 total.

This is the first big decision point in the hand, do we 4bet V1 on this flop?
I considered it, but the flop being rainbow, the V2 fish clearly having an Ace combined with the fact that V1 seemed competent I just though V1 would fold almost everything.
I also thought that pot is bloated enough that it would be pretty easy to get $$$ in by the river anyway.
What does everybody think about it here???

Turn (480): K (puts back door FD). I thought this was like a perfect card for me
V1 old-Reg bets 165 (~600 behind), HERO raises to 360 V1 tanks for like 2-3 mins and finally mucks (later told another reg that he had A5 - seemed believable)

Obviously I was upset I didn't get his stack, so I was wondering did I make a mistake?
Should I have smooth called on the turn?
Maybe ship the turn? but it's a protected pot, so it's hard for me to be bluffing here...
Maybe the guy was just good and I couldn't do anything to get any more of his $$$, I dunno...wonder what you guys think...


  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    I came to this thread to learn about live inflatables. Sounds intriguing. I thot most were rubber or similar.
  • GhostDogGhostDog Posts: 328Subscriber
    Aggressive action therom, GII on the flop IMO.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    I disagree with getting it in on flop. If villain is folding the turn then hes just a tight player. the one thing you could try is a min raise. Make it sneaky small.

    As played i would have raised smaller on the turn. Villain has min pairs of aces that might be pretty weak with pot being limped. He could have two pair as well as sets. You wouldnt think villain isnt folding to a 200 raise considering the size of the pot but if he is I am not sure what else you can do other than call and ship river if he bets river.

    If i was aware villain was nitty then i am inclined to flat again and hope the board doesnt pair. Then pray he bets again. If he is a showdown monkey then you played it fine hes just never putting anything more in without the nuts

  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    There is this guy at hustler who will just fold to any aggression but will keep betting if you just flat him. With him i just know im not going to get a ton unless he hits second nuts vs my nuts. Not much i can do when hes in the pot.

    Anytime i have raised even a click back he just folds.
  • GhostDogGhostDog Posts: 328Subscriber
    I'm just saying not many people are folding top 2 on the flop. I'm going for good more often than not.
  • GhostDogGhostDog Posts: 328Subscriber
    He could have a set also and not find a fold. Sure he folded the turn, but in game I'm raising to try and get stacks in with the stack that matters. If he's raise folding the flop with top 2, god bless him.
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,132Subscriber
    Thehammah said:

    As played i would have raised smaller on the turn.
    165 to 360 is almost min raise right. I didn't want to make it exactly 330 cause I thought it would look too "suspicious"
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    Clock said:
    Thehammah said:

    As played i would have raised smaller on the turn.
    165 to 360 is almost min raise right. I didn't want to make it exactly 330 cause I thought it would look too "suspicious"
    I hear yah. Then maybe a bigger raise looks weaker. Maybe this guy would fold the min raise but might call say 500. Lol
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