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iPhone app - Poker Analytics Pro

FuzzyDunlop Posts: 139Subscriber
edited May 2015 in Low Content Forum
I was a long time Poker Journal user on iOS until the fiasco that came with it crashing the iOS 8 upgrade. At that point I moved to Poker Income rather than wait for a fix and have been using that since, until now. I’ve made the switch to Poker Analytics Pro and am super impressed.

While the poker session recording side of Poker Analytics Pro looks better and has additional functionality that I’ll be making use of, there is a single overwhelming reason why I made the switch. That is the hand recording functionality of the app.

I have tried countless methods of recording hands using my phone in the past and have never been happy with anything. I’ve tried note recording apps. I’ve used Text Expander to create my own shorthand. I’ve tried dedicated apps like Poker Postgame. I’ve tried apps like Tap Forms to create my own database. Nothing has worked. Phone use is very restricted at the casino I play in and I needed the absolute fastest way to record the important details of a hand so that I can review them later. I decided to have one last go at what was available on the app store before resorting to writing my own app.

I’m hard pressed to think of how the hand recording function of this app could be any better, it really is amazing how fast you can input a hand.

How I go about it is I set up a dummy record with the blinds that I’m playing and the number of players at the table (note: to get blinds where the big blind is not double the small blind you need to first create the record and then edit it, I have advised the developers of this small issue). From then on in I select the group of hands containing the dummy record and select the plus symbol to add a new hand.

The action immediately begins at the UTG field where you have an option to Fold, Call, Straddle, Bet or All In. But you don’t even have to do anything at UTG if he folds, simply jump to wherever the action begins. Any players you skip are automatically folded.

You then input the flop which is super fast, and progress the same way through any players still in hand and you did preflop. The app takes into account card removal so you’ll only be presented with the suits of a card that haven’t yet been used. I have asked the developers if they can include an option for an unknown suit of a card as well.

There’s an option to ‘Edit hands and Stacks’ where you can input the hands of any of the players along with their stack sizes.

The great thing is that it doesn’t force you to input any more information than you want to (for example, in the Poker Post Game app you can’t input anything unless you have the stack sizes of the players involved). Here you can fly through and input all that you need so that you have enough to detail that you’ll be able to recall the extra info post session.

There’s also the ability to add Comments to a hand so, if you have the time, you can record as much detailed info as you want.

I honestly consider this app to be a must have for any Crush Live Poker subscriber iPhone user (along with Poker Cruncher). Even if you have all the time in the world to input a hand at your casino, that’s time spent on your phone rather than paying attention at the table.

I’ve found the developers to be super helpful when I’ve had queries about the app.

I’m super glad I’ve found this as hand recording is becoming ever more important to me since reading Ed Miller’s Pokler’s 1%.

I know this probably sounds like a sales pitch but it’s all coming from my joy at finally finding what I’ve been looking for for years.

The website is: http://poker-analytics.net/



  • GroundhogDayGroundhogDay Posts: 287Subscriber
    I might give it a try - do you know if it is ok for the Droid? Thanks
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,085Subscriber
    How did you import history. All the app says is to copy to desktop. Then what?
  • FuzzyDunlop Posts: 139Subscriber
    Thehammah said:
    How did you import history. All the app says is to copy to desktop. Then what?
    If you scroll further down the page (where it tells you to copy to desktop) it tells you to connect your iPhone to your computer and iTunes and within iTunes, go to apps, scroll down to the file sharing bit and select the Poker Analytics app and drag the file from your desktop to there. Then you can go into the app and choose import again and the file will appear.
    GroundhogDay said:
    I might give it a try - do you know if it is ok for the Droid? Thanks
    It's iOS only.

  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,085Subscriber
    I got this .. and I didnt see how to enter the actual casino or room I am playing with. I saw the "location" but thats just going to to put in the city I played.. in philly there are three different casinos. In LA there are 5..

    I saw the ability to add a new field. Is that what you did to add the room?

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