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Day of the Rec players

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,085Subscriber
I generally distinguish between Rec regs and real fishy type players.. Monday are usually pretty good at my local casino but even I was amazed at the quality last night.. Here is a sample..

1) Player moves from must move complains about some bad beats.. proceeds to get it all in on next three hands.. he doubles up once but I stack him for 400 ish when I threebet pre with AK get it all in on flop and river an ace against him

2) Guy who is a real button clicker who likes to make these huge overbets with draws and top pair says he is gonna leave at 9pm at 9:20pm I fast play the flopped nut flush by making a small lead into pfr with 4 total players ..he cr big with about 700 behind.. I reraise he hims and haws and shoves..has second nuts.. lol..

3) new guy never played with him before takes #2s seat.. talks like he has never been to the casino before.. then asks me what beats a straight.. he asked me if trips did.. then asked if straight beats quads.. lol. I have NEVER heard that before.. He bought in for 1000 and didnt even really know hand rankings.. So not only was he playing only his hand ..he really didnt even know what that was.. lol. heres a couple of examples..

a few limpers.. I raise to 45 with AA from bb.. he calls and one other rec player who has played a few times on LATB.. other rec player is a flush master .. has about 250 left of a 300 starting stack.. sb has about 950 of the 1000 he started with..this is his 3 hand.. both call..

Flop 557 with two dias.. sb bets rather tiny.. 25.. I raise to 80.. other rec goes all in and sb snap says "CALL" and ships his whole stack in.. I honestly think he thought that when someone goes all in he thought he had to go all in to call rather than just call the all in amount.. well I am pretty sure the other guy is on a flush draw but given the sbs actions I fold AA.. Qd hits turn brick river and sb wins with quad 5s.. lol..

later in the session its a limped pot and #3 guy has only about 400 left of his 1000.. I am sb and check my option with J4 os.. flop Q 44.. no flush draw.. there are about 5 players in the hand so I make a small 15 bet to get called by a Q or maybe a pair.. #3 player raises $60 I think he is likely to have a Q i call .. Turn A d.. well thats a rather bad card but this guy doesnt understand his hand let alone anything else.. I check he bets $45.. I raise to $120.. he tanks but calls fairly quickly leaving him about $200.. river T.. I bet $200 he tanks and folds KK face up..

I remember just how bad the games were in about 2010-2011.. these types of players just never came out to play. There is definitely still rec players who want to come and gamble with poker and its so nice to see them ..I was just a bit amazed how many came to my table last night.. :cool:



  • FoldtoMyRaiseFoldtoMyRaise Posts: 312Subscriber
    edited May 2015
    Shouldn't this post be in beats, brags, and variance forum? :)
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,085Subscriber
    Lol. Yeah i thiught about that. Really wanted this to be more of a poker isnt dead post than a brag post.

    Although i did benefit from it. :-)
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