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Beginner PLO Q - AKK10

ILYA Posts: 129Subscriber
Dabbling in 5-5 PLO and found myself in spots, really not sure how to best proceed.

Fish opens from early position to 25 over UTG limper. I'm on the button with AcKK10c. I call willing to take a 3 way flop in position, as blinds looked disinterested. But BB called and limper called so 4 players, pot $105. I suppose I should be 3 betting to isolate here pre, especially considering who opened (?). The opener was not much of a folder, so I didn't want to inflate the pot pre as he was kinda short (~$450). (?) Thought it could go either way.
Flop: Jc10h9c
Check, check, PFR bets $85. With the straight on the board and 2 others to act, and assuming PFR has sets in his range, I call. (?) Two people behind me fold.
Turn: Ad.
PFR checks. I decided to check back 2 pair because for some reason I still thought he might have sets. That doesn't make much sense though because if he bet flop with a set and did not get raised, Ace is a blank and he would probably bet again. I also thought that he could have AJ that he would not necessarily fold.
River: 10. He checks, I bet 170 into 275 and he calls. I did not see his hand.

I can definitely use feedback on flop and turn decisions. Really not sure what the best lines are.
Thinking about it after the session, it seems I could be using two Ks in my hand as blockers to the nuts on the flop to Raise (bomb) the flop in order to try to get 78 to fold. Is that a reasonable thought?

p.s. I started with about 800. Others had me covered.


  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,086Subscriber
    edited May 2015

    You should be raising for value not to isolate.. so many players in PLO and actually with generally correct odds to call lighter preflop then in NL.. I am raising this hand virtually every time unless there is another player behind me that might 3 bet with alot worse.. then I am 4 betting since by then I probably can get most of my stack in..

    so after you should have 3 bet.. that doesnt mean I am just going to cbet 100 percent of the time.. if the flop came say low coordinated with a flush not in any of my suit .. there I am check with the intention of folding..

    so you have the nut flush draw?? and blockers to someone having the nut straight?? I think a good majority of the time against a looser player.. I am going to be raising this for value.. especially if he has the non nut straight he might fold.. this raise is part for value because of your equity and in part if you can get someone to fold the straight that is really really good. You having 2 kings means its way way less likely that someone else has exactly KQ to have the nuts.. but even if they do you have a lot of outs.. if as you said he has sets in his range then is he just shipping with a set when you have a straight in your range?? there are alot of fish in this game that would do that and if there is zero fold equity in the hand then maybe a small raise to get the others to fold is best..

    on the turn..when villain checks he just never has the nut straight.. you need to pot this .. if he has a set again is he just going to just keep calling trying to hit a boat?? even if you win the pot a small percentage of the time by potting you need to do this. but the best thing is that you have back up.. aces up nut flush draw and a gutshot to broadway..

    so to your question yes use the blockers to rep a better hand to get a stronger but non nut hand to fold their equity.. you actually had a ton of equity and when you do i heard once that you just bet like you actually have the nuts..

    I am posting how I would have played this and really look forward to don and andrew commenting to see if I am thinking this correctly as well.

    btw. ilya. sugarhouse gets 1/2 plo I think mon and tues and harrahs gets one on saturdays sometimes.. I would try dabbling in those games before you jump into 5/5..


  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
    I don't hate the call pre-flop. I would 3-bet this hand often, but not every time, and when you're new to the game, a flat is best. You can always shovel money in post-flop.

    I like your play on all streets.
  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    This hand has lots of options, hard to go too wrong with anything. Having players behind makes flatting flop better. I strongly prefer 3-betting preflop
  • High__Rolla Posts: 775Subscriber
    edited May 2015
    Preflop - 3bet for value. This hand should be fairly easy to play post flop .

    As played Flop - this is a great spot to semibluff in PLO. You have blockers to the nuts and position. And, you can get lots of better hands to fold like Q8xx, 87xx, or two pair. Even if someone has KQ, you still have ~44% equity.

    As played Turn - pot it to put max pressure.
  • JT00 Posts: 193Subscriber
    I definitely prefer a 3bet preflop for value. Inflating the pot preflop isn't much of an issue as you're hand can flop huge on a lot of flops. On the flop I definitely like the call as I don't expect the pfr to be bet-folding much of anything leading into such a wet flop 4 ways. Additionally, you can allow dominated FDs to come in behind. I like the check on the turn. On the river, I would size slightly larger, but that all depends on what you think his calling threshold amount is.
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