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Two low limit spots

TJ Posts: 239Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Feedback, please.

First hand:

$1/$1, $100 stacks effective.
I am UTG and straddle for $2. Folds around to the villain in the SB, who completes. BB completes, and I check with Ac6d.
Villain is a pretty aggressive, smart player.
Flop Qc6d2s.
Two checks to me, and I bet $3. Villain calls, BB folds. (Pot $12)
Turn [Qc6d2s] 6h
Villain checks and I bet $6, he checkraises to $21.
I think he has a 6 here a lot, (most of which I obv beat with an A) but also quite a few bluffs. I decide to just call for 2 reasons: 1) If he has a bluff, he's not calling a 3bet, but 2) He is aggressive enough to fire again if I just call. (Pot $54)
River [Qc6d2s 6h] 10s
Villain bets $40, I ship for $75 total, he calls and tables 22.

Question: Is this just a cooler, or did I miss something somewhere?

Second hand: $1/$1, $130 effective stacks.

1 limp to me, and I raise it to $5 (standard raise at the table) from the button with 8h9h. SB and BB calls, limper folds. SB (Villain) is a good player, capable of hand reading and assigning accurate ranges. My image is TAG.
Flop 4s5sJc
Villain bets $9, BB calls. I think villain mostly has a jack here, but I think I can get him off of it later in the hand if overcards or a spade comes. He would have 3 bet preflop with AJ, and I don't think he leads with a set because he knows I will Cbet this board a lot from the button. He could have a spade draw, but I don't think he donks into the raiser with that. BB is a huge spot, and is super aggro with any good piece of a board, so I give him a 4 or a 5 at best. (Pot $42)
Turn [4s5sJc] 6d
Two checks to me. Now I actually have a draw to a hand, and I don't want to get blown off if he *does* have a big hand. I would also check a real spade draw here, so I check.
River [4s5sJc 6d] Ks

Check, check to me. I bet $30. Villain tanks for a while and calls with 7s8d for the nut straight. (BB folds)

-Is this a +EV bluff, or was I screwed from the start?
-Does he call with Jx?

Villain and I talked about the hand later, and he said he called because it was the K of spades, and it killed so many of my combos that raise preflop and are spades. Is that a reasonable line of thinking? I know it throws out AsKs, KsQs, and KsJs (all of which I'd raise the button with), but I still have a lot of lower suited connectors and suited aces in my range I think.


  • bobo1384 Posts: 145Subscriber
    hand 1: cooler. I could see an arguement for just calling the river, but I think he could have 6x that you beat as well so I'm fine with it as played.

    hand 2: fold flop. I dont think trying to run a bluff by floating a donkbet and a call on the flop with no equity is a good spot.
  • Mike Posts: 371Member
    How many 6s can he possibly have here? I don't think there are very many in his range. I do however think you are well ahead of his range and see no problem with it. I think you should 3b the turn though because what can the villain try and get you to fold at that point. He has to think you have a 6 or Q once you call his turn raise. I don't think he's bluffing here that often and is mostly
    Play tp or a random 6 that isn't folding.

    Also don't post results.

    2nd hand I really don't like your float on the flop. Because someone else called you could be vs a fd and tp+ hand. So just fold. I also don't think the Ks is a particular good card to bluff since it kills a lot of combos of you big fds you might play this way and with smaller fds you would bet the turn because you would have a combo draw or a straight with a fd as well.

    Also don't post results.
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