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PLO - 3 Pair on Monotone Flop

BradleyT Posts: 621SubscriberProfessional
$1/2-5 PLO at the Venetian. This is a new table that started about an hour earlier. Game is like a 9.2 out of 10. It's nowhere nears as aggressive as my regular $1/2-5 PLO games but just as loose.

$10 button straddle (Not used to these)

V1 - $800 Older guy, bad, tighter than the table avg, has made some correct hero calls with AA
V2 - $1900 He's folded 1 hand preflop in an hour - limp calls entire range. Will limp/re-raise AA. Hit some 1 outers and also flopped quads to build his strack. Will lose all his chips if game keeps going unless his heater continues.
V3 - $600 Younger guy, seems to know what he's doing. Not passive like the rest of the table but nowhere near overly aggro
BTN - $700 Another older guy that doesn't seem very good. A few times he raised his button straddle and didn't c-bet in 3 way pots on dry boards that are very hard for his opponents to continue on like K72.
Hero - $700 Tight image for those paying attention (everyone but V2)

I'm in BB with A 8 9 7, sb folds, I call, V1 calls, V2 calls, V3 calls, BTN makes it $60 on his straddle. He hasn't raised all of his straddles, but he's definitely wider than AA and premium rundowns based on his earlier raises (JJKx, ds AJ56). Nobody is folding in this game and V2 is calling down with non-nut flushes and bottom ends of straights (and winning) so I call expecting everyone else to call. Everyone else does call.

Flop ($300): A 9 7
I flop 3 pair. V1 probably folds 8-high flush and worse, V2 is never folding any flush. V3 would fold J-high flush or lower. BTN is never folding AA if he has it, probably J-high flush also.

Am I crazy for wanting to bet $190 here?


  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    i think you're a little crazy for thinking people will fold a flopped flush to 1 bet unless your image is like the nittiest guy in existence
  • BradleyT Posts: 621SubscriberProfessional
    edited June 2015
    Back home I would get those flushes listed to fold from my image except for some of the whales that play and some of the donkeys.

    Out here in Vegas I wasn't sure so I check and it checked through.

    Turn ($300) 6

    On a monotone board after the flop checks through do you think it's more believable or less believable that someone has a flush when they donk the turn?
  • High__Rolla Posts: 775Subscriber
    Preflop – Your position is bad, but I prefer open raising or 3-betting the Button’s raise than limping. Your hand should flop well-enough.

    As played, you have about 25% equity versus a flopped flush, so if you are going to semibluff, I prefer to take a line that maximizes fold equity. I don’t think it is lead. I agree with Aesah that most people won’t fold a flopped flush to a lead. So, you would have to double-barrel. I prefer to check/evaluate. If someone takes a weak stab, then you can c/r semibluff. If it checks through, then I would lead most turns since you can credibly represent a flopped flush you checked OOP.

  • High__Rolla Posts: 775Subscriber
    BradleyT said:

    On a monotone board after the flop checks through do you think it's more believable or less believable that someone has a flush when they donk the turn?
    With you having the worst position on the flop, I think its believable. If called, I would bet a lot of blank rivers if you get called by an opponent that you think can fold a small to medium flush.
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