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KK Fold Pre?

WilburTrey Posts: 44Subscriber
edited June 2015 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
River City 1-3

Table Information
Seat: 1 seat 1 ($75~) Small Blind
Seat: 2 seat 2 ($300~) Big Blind
Seat: 3 Loosey Goosey ($425~)
Seat: 4 LAG decent ($380~)
Seat: 5 seat 5 ($130~)
Seat: 6 Rocky MicRockenstein ($425~)
Seat: 7 seat 7 ($50~)
Hero: ($372)
Seat: 9 seat 9 ($525) Dealer
Dealt to Hero

Preflop (Pot:3)
Loosey Goosey****RAISE $6
seat 5**** FOLD
seat 7****FOLD
Hero****RAISE $45
seat 9****FOLD
seat 1****FOLD
Loosey Goosey****Fold
ROCKY**** CALL $175

Laggy has been playing a bit more than optimal preflop, but has shown a propensity to know what he is doing. He has folded some of his 3 bets to 4 bets.

ROCKY has only shown down in 4 hours of play

AKs, AQs, AKos




he has played maybe 6-10 pots. Rocky has made cold calls but has folded to 3,and 4 bets throughout the night from time to time. I assume here he thinks AK, AQ, and small pairs aren't good.

When Rocky Cold calls the 5 bet, I can't assume he has anything other than AA right?

I should fold here due to the rocks cold call? I'm just not sure if calling here is profitable.


  • WilburTrey Posts: 44Subscriber
    I did fold. I'm just wondering if you all think I made the correct fold.

    After thinking a bit deeper knowing that the lag player has me marked as a decent player due to talking with each other, I think my 4 bet after the rock calls makes his 5 bet have even more strength... thoughts?
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 1,989SubscriberProfessional
    I don't think I can put "Rocky" squarely on AA, as he never raised even though he had two different opportunities to. It's much more likely he has JJ/QQ. I'd be much more concerned with Laggy having AA than Rocky. I think this is a pretty easy shove on the end.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,085Subscriber
    First off your fourbet pre is too small. Laggys raise is also small from 6 to $18.

    If mr rocky is the type to "protect" aces you have to shove here because he has QQ or JJ. You see if he always shoves aces he cant have aces here because he didnt shove.

    Now if he is the type to trap with aces and not reraise then this is a tougher spot. What did he do with the JJs? Did he reraise? Flat? I would be curious to know this to. Narrow his range

    My default would be to shove and hopefully up against AQ and QQs JJ maybe KK and maybe AK alot of the time. Against that range we have alot of equity

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