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PLO - Play multiway 3-bet or 4-bet and go HU?

BradleyT Posts: 621SubscriberProfessional
$1/2 PLO/PLO8 round by round $100-500 buy-in. Tonight is an exceptionally good night in that all the winning players have left and the game is filled with bad randoms and known gamblers. The guy to my right literally does not know how to play PLO/8 and came to the table wanting to buy in for the $1000 in black chips he had in his hand but had to settle for $500 (max). Has somehow run that up to $1200.

V1 ($900): Gambler (35 y/o rich lawyer) - not the guy above. Raises 95% of hands that aren't raised PRE (often without looking at his cards) but not always a full raise. In spots where he could make it $15 or $20 he sometimes still only goes $10. Will get it in post flop with 0-2 outs. Pretty low 3-bet percentage, will sometimes just click back a 2-bet pre not trying to isolate (I.E. from $10 to $20 or $25).

Hero ($1000+): V1 doubled me up to $1000 earlier when he surprisingly didn't raise PF but an OMC to his left did (AA). Flop came out KQ8, I check QQJ9 from BB, V1 bets $25 into $50, OMC calls, another call, I c/r pot, V1 calls. Low turn card I shove, V1 calls with 88 drawing to 1 out.

Hero raises UTG to $10 (max) with A K Q T, call, call, V1 makes it $50, BTN call, back to hero? If I call I expect 1.3 of the 2 guys in for $10 will call. Those 2 guys have $200-$300 and will certainly get it in bad post flop. I put villain on possible AA, KK$ds, QQ$ds, smooth rundowns 7654+, some ds gapped rundowns like QJ78, some ds Ace hands like A 7 6 9 and some double pair hands like KKTT, JJ99, QQJJ, etc..

My thoughts? This is a game where I don't need to gamble for everything PRE because everyone is so bad and with my hand most of my strong equity flops are pretty recognizable. My stack at $1000 (2x max buy-in) is very valuable because so many "fun players" have $800+.

Pot will be between $170 and $270 depending on 1-2 guys in between call.

Trivial flat spot?


  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
    I don't see a reason in this scenario to re-raise. You are out of position and you will end up bloating the pot up HUGE, and your hand plays well multi-way (top two, NF, broadway).

    If you were on the button, and it went open, call, call, I would LOVE a 3-bet pot with your hand though!!!

    I do think that on the flop, you need to play your hand fast though. Any top two pair or TPTK+NFD or flopped straight on a 2-flush board you should lead for pot, NOT go for a check/raise. You will want to shovel in money and protect your equity in the pot, NOT try to trap players and get them attached to the pot post-flop.
  • High__Rolla Posts: 765Subscriber
    I think either play is fine. you seem to have good reasons for flatting, so I'd go with that. I think the 3bet range listed for the V might be too narrow for the way you described him.
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