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Vegas Button Straddles: what's up with different rules?

floater Posts: 65Subscriber
I was playing 2/5 and 5/10 at the Rio and the button was allowed to straddle. When they straddled the dealer asked the SB to act first and the action proceeded from there.

I played at the Venetian, same games, and when the button straddled, the dealer asked the UTG to act first and proceeded from there to the Blinds and then the button. The floor said it was to 'protect' the blinds.

Is this common in other poker rooms? I never saw the straddle (button) skipping blinds...

The games were great in both locations, can't wait to go back!


  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    the Wynn and Venetian have the same rules about skipping blinds yet having them act before button straddle does anything.
    I haven't seen it anywhere else.
  • 3aces Posts: 155Subscriber
    Played at Cesar's and it starts UTG on a button straddle
  • 3aces Posts: 155Subscriber
    edited June 2015
    I played Planet Hollywood 1/2 because Trooper was in the game and you can straddle on the button for $10. I love his videos on You Tube.
  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    in 2/5 at planet food court (ph), you can't button straddle for $10. You can only button straddle from 20 to 100!
  • FlounderFlounder Posts: 3Subscriber
    3aces said:
    Played at Cesar's and it starts UTG on a button straddle
    Incorrect. SB is first to act when there is a button straddle at Caesars palace (and all CET Vegas properties)
  • 3aces Posts: 155Subscriber
    Flounder I am back at Cesars this weekend and the table is doing a round of straddles and the action is starting under the guy. Tommy is the dealer and he is pretty interesting with his east coast stories.
  • 3aces Posts: 155Subscriber
    Ok so Tommy just got a push and now the new dealer is starting the action at the small blind. I don't think they know where the action starts here
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