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3/3 - J3s in SB. limped pot - line check

pjeee Posts: 2Subscriber
3/3 live game (150-1000) which most of the time is extremely soft and are played very deep.

Hero: Early 20s. Well known regular in most of the games in town. Have history with everyone at the table. Known for being a TAGish, mostly straight forward, winning player.
V1: Solid player, but is currently tilting a little after losing a bit pot to hero in an overpair vs overpair spot. I know he has a hard time folding when he is tilting. Respects my game, but I think he views me as a little to tight. I can't recall ever being caught bluffing against him etc.
V2: Pro. I have some history with him, and he view me as a winning, mostly straight forward player. Can't remember doing anything fancy against him before. I've seen him make some amazing laydowns and calls in the past and he is probably one of the biggest winners in the games in town. I have a lot of respect for his game, but I have not been playing any big pots with him before, which is partly because I avoid pots with him if I can.

Effective stacks are around $2k

V1, V2 and button limps. Hero checks in the SB with J 3, BB checks.

Flop (15$): A 8 4 Pot: 15$
All check.

Turn (15$): K
Hero leads for 13$. V1 raise it to 50$, V2 calls, Hero calls.

I was thinking about 3-betting here, but I though it would make me look super strong and they would most likely fold a lot of good hands I can get value from on the river. There aren't really a lot of hands I need to protect against either except for maybe K:x: Q. Any thoughts?

River (165$): 6
Hero check, V1 tanks for a little while like he wants to bet, but eventually checks, V2 bets 105$, I just call, V2 tanks for a few minutes and folds.

Looking back at the hand I really didn't know what the best play on the river was. I think checking is a good option as both V's will fold hands they will bet the river with if checked to. The reason I just called rived is because I think V2 will fold anything worse maybe except 9/T X and V1 might be able to find a call if he has a decent piece of the board.

I'm often struggling in these spots where I unexpectedly make a good hand OOP so I am very open to criticism! :P


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 1,989SubscriberProfessional
    I think you should raise the turn multiway. Instead of thinking about not having hands to protect against with a bet, think about hands you can get value from. Any two pair hands, pair+flush draw hand, even sets that chose to slow play the flop.
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