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2/5 NL - 3 Bet pot against unknown player

Villain is an unknown. He has been very active at a very passive table. He has opened more hands than everyone else and follows up with aggressive play. I saw one showdown where he raised preflop, cbet flop with nut flush draw, bet turn when he made second pair, and made a slim value bet on the river when top pair paired. Very impressive hand that was well played.

Effective stacks are $1000. Button straddles for $10. Blinds fold, UTG folds, UTG +1 limps, Villain raises to $40, Hero raises to $110 with AhKd, folds to Villain, and Villain calls. Pot is $241 after rake.

Flop - 8c8hJh. Villain checks, Hero bets $140, and Villain calls. Pot is $521.

Turn - 5d. Villain checks, Hero bets $225, and Villain thinks for a few extra seconds and calls. Pot $971.

River - 5s. Villain moves all in. Hero has $525 left and the pot is $1496. Hero?

I would also like feedback on each street and if it is correct to double barrel. Thank you.


  • jacked1420 Posts: 72Subscriber
    When he calls your $110 what range did you put him on? What about when he calls $140 into 241 AND why such a small bet? Your outline of the of his play says he is a thinking player that adjusts on the fly. He is also a player as the hand changes he bets accordingly.

    RR to 110 and getting calls says 99 plus AK, AQ, may an LAG AJ suited however that call at the top end says QQ and JJ. You have the ACE of hearts so the nut flush drawer and smaller suited aces maybe off the table.

    You gain some equity on the turn as well as check fold options. Instead of 450 or half your stack you have $250 and $750 remaining. Not sure of his position however he is the first to open raise and he smooth calls your bet. More than likely not KK or AA however if he respects your play JJ and QQ are option right?

    Love the Cbet however I would evaluate the turn with a check and see. If it goes check behind I may bet fold $250 or 300 if I take the pot awesome if not I have 500 or so left.

    Your play to the turn is fine yet you paid $250 for information and the villain answered twice strongly.

    Hope it helps just my opinion
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