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Can you fold Kings here

HRATMSU Posts: 42Subscriber
In the 250/500 level of Extended play 1500. I get moved to new table with 17,000. Young kid makes it 1025. Old man coffee calls. Young kid has 4500 more. I look down in small blind with black kings. I make it make it 5000 to basically put short stack in and old man coffee also back raises all in 14000. I really fell like he has aces. Can one fold here? I call he has aces and young kid has ace King.


  • jacked1420 Posts: 72Subscriber
    Question becomes does old man coffee run a bluff here? Does old man coffee RR all in with QQ's or JJ's. If no to both then there is a fold to be had and 10K or 20 BB's left in extended play. Hard fold yes unreal fold yes but the type of fold in some cases that has to made as one of the very best players in the game!

  • Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    Yeah I agree with Jacked1420
    If you can't put old coffe man on QQ JJ here I guess a fold can be made. Always a terrible spot and an extremely hard one.
  • ACK Posts: 428Subscriber
    No can't fold. Surely his 4b range is wider than AA.
  • bulldozzzzzzzzzzzer Posts: 15Subscriber
    No. Paraphrasing Daniel Negreanu: Folding pocket Kings preflop is horrible especially when your opponent could have a wider range than you think and/or could be spazzing out with an A/9 offsuit hand.
  • Jack7777 Posts: 653Subscriber
    Online--Flop AK5 :r:
    I had called a raise pre flop with 55. When it gets to me, I get 2 for 1 to shove 10K against two AI's. This is around the fifth level of a $55 buy in 30K. I make the call. One has A9 and the other one had QQ.
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