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44 can I turn it into a bluff on the river

I'm playing a very good table with guys that are fit or fold that will call down with 1 pair with highly coordinated boards. The hand I have is two black 4's Villain is in cut off a LAG back pack kid that has raised several hands cbet and got folds. He bets $20 and I call on the button. Small blind calls a reg and the a fish calls. Stacks are effective $120 and have them all covered with a very good image.

Flops is 235 rainbow. It gets checked to the villain and he fires 35 into I call vs. raise with two behind on this board. Two other calls and now there is 220 in the pot. The turn is a 2 completing the rainbow and it gets check around. I check back due to the paired board and straights draws however I feel like I feel I have a lot of fold equity vs. a ton of hands. The tun is the 5 making it 23525 with no flushes. Again it checks around to me...what would you do here?

I'll provide the results after a few comments. thank you


  • ANason21ANason21 Posts: 166Subscriber
    Well I wouldn't necessarily call it a bluff on the river. I think you stand to be ahead a lot of the time here. As played, I'd likely check with three other players on the table. You may get hands like A-high to look you up if you bet small enough, but no hand worse than yours is calling and nothing that beats you (i.e., any overpair) is folding to any sized bet.
  • jacked1420 Posts: 72Subscriber
    Thank you I appreciate the feedback ANason21. Villain did not show, reg shows A3 off suit and fish shows 43 off suit. I took a nice pot and just smile...thinking I just won that with 44.
  • tensor0910 Posts: 123Subscriber
    edited June 2015
    Agreed. Your pp could be good since no1 is repping much strength, yourself included.
  • jacked1420 Posts: 72Subscriber
    Good point and that was the other part of the question...getting it checked twice did I take a line too weak?;

    Would a great bluff takes it away when I am in position? If I bet the turn when it is checked I get at lets one call maybe two, the LAG seems to be the only one capable of making a turn or river bluff with AIR however I have position and his stack covered. If I follow up on the river the reg folds due to the guy behind 90% of the time but he has a 2nd gear. the fish just calls hoping for a miracle.

    I never think better is folding I do think with this lineup weaker may call.

    Thanks Tensor0910
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,001Subscriber
    I think that's a great spot for thin value. Bet small to get value from an Ace.

    What made you think you were behind? What range of hands do you put these guys on?
  • Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    After everyone checks to you on the turn. I don't mind a bet here to protect my hand.
  • jacked1420 Posts: 72Subscriber
    DP great question. The reg is a little trappy and I did not want to get raised off the hand with a weird hand like A2 or him reping that hand. However I feel like I shut it down a lil bit. I was looking for the straight and a bit surprised by the check from the LAG villain that CBet after raising preflop. I checked behind without going through my mental check list after 3 checks saying I may have the best hand and a green light; on the turn and or river.

    Thanks Floyd.
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