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Flop top 2 AK against 4 opponents out of position in a 3 bet pot.

IPIW247IPIW247 Posts: 91Subscriber
Aria 2-5

1200 effective 


Villain is a Super Aggro European who has me covered. He opens $25 utg.

3 callers Mp1 $200 Mp2 $650 and Button $800

I have AKdiamonds in big blind $1200 I 3bet $135 and everyone calls


AK7  two clubs I lead $165 into $545
Everyone folds to Shorty who goes all in.

Do you ever check in this spot and let super aggro player bet ? Should I bet more ?


  • nariman44nariman44 Posts: 96Subscriber
    checking out of position with that hand is a mistake since:
    1- it is a 4 way pot, so the pot is already protected. every one is scared of each other. even the aggro will not cbet into 3 people.
    2- it is too obvious that your check could be a trap
    3- if it goes check/check then there are many turns that scare you or even may give a set to somebody like, Q,J,T for gut shot for Broadway 8,9,6,5,4,3,2 for make a set for somebody. it is just too risky.

    should you bet more? yes you should, when you Cbet OOP into 3 players after 3 bet, you already have your cards faced up, everyone knows you have it. only draws may call or some QT, JT to suck out on you. so make them pay!
  • IPIW247IPIW247 Posts: 91Subscriber
    Thanks, I appreciate the insight. I thought I should bet more but wasn't sure the amount.
  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
    I think you should raise more pre-flop as well, like $160-$175. Or you could just call pre. $135 is like a pot-sweetener when there are four opponents who have each put in $25. Making it bigger PF accomplishes a number of things:

    1) It looks like you're trying to squeeze, and it could induce a spaz-out. $135 looks so nutted.

    3) You might get the aggro guy who opened who has you covered to fold, a guy who sounds like he is capable of putting you in tough spots post-flop when you miss the flop.

    3) You are more likely to get a shorter stack to get AI with you, guaranteeing you can see all five cards and realize your full equity.

    4) If multiple villains call, you get more money in the pot with a nutty hand.

    As for the flop play, this is one of those boards where they either hit it or they don't. You're not trying to size small to get 88-QQ to give you a crying flop call. You should be sizing to get stacks in, to get called by AQ, AJ, and club draws. I'd probably bet $350-$375.
    by 1dpbuck
  • jacked1420 Posts: 72Subscriber
    Good post and nice insight by reedmylips.

    I agree once you hit your hand that hard you want to get value as well as define others hands. You block AA and KK for the most part so only 77 has you bet at this point however where is AQs AQ or AJ S going. You bet 165 to make 710 laying 4.3 to one on their money.

    Where as if you bet 375 there is 920 in the pot and he is only getting 2.45 to 1. The under bet gives him odds and the right sized bet give you fold equity and charges him taxes to draw. That sizing also leaves your pot to stack ratio less than one or point .896. You can shove or bet 75% of the pot on the turn and get called by worse drawing to the flush or better yet the losing two pair when he rivers a queen or the dream card an ace on the river.

    Big hands deserve big pots bet to get your stack in and get full value for your best hands. God knows AK missed enough LOL.

  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,001Subscriber
    Except for having two #3s, @reedmylips nailed it. ;-)

    What was your reasoning for your small sizing, especially preflop?
  • IPIW247IPIW247 Posts: 91Subscriber
    Very good insight thanks.

    I am use to playing in 2-5 games not as deep. The reason I raised less is because I didn't properly ajust to the deeper stacks. If I'm $500 effective do you still think I should 3 bet to $160- $175?

  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
    IPIW247 said:
    Very good insight thanks.

    I am use to playing in 2-5 games not as deep. The reason I raised less is because I didn't properly ajust to the deeper stacks. If I'm $500 effective do you still think I should 3 bet to $160- $175?

    Yes, and then easy shove on flop. When only $500 deep with AK, it's a pretty good result just to pick up $100 dead money, and if called, easy to get money in on flop depending upon how many call pre-flop, etc.
  • IPIW247IPIW247 Posts: 91Subscriber
    Thanks RML
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