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Aria 2-5 NL flopped nuts with 86 in 4 way 3 bet pot

IPIW247IPIW247 Posts: 91Subscriber

I cover table

Pre flop
folds to me in MP3 I raise to $20 with 86 spades Aggron Eropean directly to my left 3 bets me to $55 the button calls big blind calls I call closing the action. 

We see the flop 4 ways

Flop comes 547 two diamonds. Big blind Checks, I check, Aggron Euro bombs $275 and has $625 behind short stack on the button goes all in for $150 folds to me I tank Jam all in.

Is this an over play or a good shove for value ?


  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
    How could you be over-playing your hand when you have the nuts??? When villain bombs that flop he either has a big piece or he has total air, so he either snap-calls or snap-folds, no finesse necessary.
  • Jack7777 Posts: 655Subscriber
    I think it's a good shove. I would act like I was thinking it over, then say raise. One is all in and the Agg is pot committed. I would not want to see another diamond. Sounds like the SS is on a flush draw.
  • Johnny_UtahJohnny_Utah Posts: 402Subscriber
    Good shove.
  • jacked1420 Posts: 72Subscriber
    210 Preflop; than on the flop another 425 before you act right? He has $330 of that in the pot so his bet is not a blocker in my opinion he is protecting a hand.

    There is $635 in the pot and u have got less than a pot sized bet of $625 to put in all in. What if you making it $625 to win $1260 he is agro so more than likely he's calling the high end if not all big draws in his range as you are laying 2 to 1 only. Charging him tax but not blowing him out of the pot

    Good question on the shove as a $350 raise could work similarly. how did it work out?
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,001Subscriber
    That big bet multiway screams overpair. Do you think he's good enough to fold an ovepair there if you shove? If so, then I'm okay clicking it back and shoving all turns. If not, then shove now.
  • Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    an over call or min raise after short stack shoves looks stronger than a shove. Much better off shoving. If he calls a min raise he will call a shove
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,001Subscriber
    Floyd said:
    an over call or min raise after short stack shoves looks stronger than a shove. Much better off shoving. If he calls a min raise he will call a shove
    I would agree with you if Button's all in was a raise, but it is all in for less. It looks like you're just calling villain's bet. In essence, it's a headsup pot, so a shove looks stronger.

    Just my thoughts. Anybody else have any views on that?
  • IPIW247IPIW247 Posts: 91Subscriber
    The Aggro tanked for 5 mins and folded, I assume he had an overpair, the shorty mucked when diamond hit the river. I have no clue what he had. I thought over calling would be terrible since there are so many cards that may kill my action or kill my hand. Thanks for all the knowledge and insight.
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,098Subscriber
    Good shove. :tu:
    Your hand looks like a PP, so it could easily be 66 or 88+
    If aggro has big PP he might convince himself to call.
    If he doesn't - he's never bluffing anyway cause pot is now protected.
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