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big stacks, short stacks and side pots

Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
Hey all. Got myself into a very interesting hand a few weeks ago. I don't normally play really deep on cash tables as I like to transfer and cash down most of the time and start fresh.

Any how here is how the hand

The table is $1/3 $200 cap game. I have been playing tight and straight forward and have recently won some pretty big hands and have a stack of $1200 effective. A good 10 hours into a session. It's now 2am and a monster stack comes and sits down 3 seats to my left. He will be the main Villan in the hand. He has me covered with $3500. I have played with him before and he loves to play deep. He respects my play and vise versa. He is very good applying pressure definately on players with 300BB+

I'm in the BB With two red 6's
Limped round to me I check and we see the flop 7 handed. The flop

Js 6c 2h ($21)

I'm first to act and lead for $15
I get called in 3 spots. Utg +1, Villan in MP and the button. Utg+1 and button have about $200 The turn

As Pot is $81

I lead for $75
V now re raises to $275
Button calls all in for $200

Pot is now $631 and it is $200 to call
What do you do?

This $1/3 table is a turbo table. you can buy 30 seconds for $1 twice in one hand. I never bought time and I did rush my descision because of that. I just called. I felt strongly I had the best hand but I also felt if I 3 bet here my hand looks that strong and he will fold almost all of his hands. So I called and was planning on betting river for value and if a spade fell and re raised me I would evaluate that then.

River is the 3c $831 total pot

I lead for $375 hoping to get called by two pair as that's what I believed a lot of his range to be. Looked like to me he was trying to protect his hand as we were so deep.

He bought time twice and thought about it and eventually folded. What I did forget is there is $231 in the side pot between just us.

I think he may have laid down just an ace. I can't see how he could lay down two pair on the river.

Let me know what you think guys. What he has? What you do on the turn and river? Looking back I should be re raising that turn pretty much always. I think $550-$6would've been ideal


  • Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    The board reads Js 6c 2h As 3c
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 1,989SubscriberProfessional
    Easy re-raise on the turn. You can discount AA and JJ from his range, as he likely raises preflop with those. It's much more likely to be some sort of combo draw like Q T or 4 5. I'm going to have a real hard time not getting it in on the turn in this spot.

    I don't like just calling the turn, then leading the river, especially since spades missed. If you just call the turn, you need to check to him and see if he'll bluff a missed draw, or valuebet a hand like AJ. I think you're letting him off the hook by leading river after calling turn.
  • ANason21ANason21 Posts: 166Subscriber
    What @dpbuck said. It's an absolute disaster if he would have called a 3-bet on the turn with a draw, but folded to a bet on the river when he missed. I'm either shoving this turn or clicking it back to him with a very small raise (maybe $500 to $525) and then blasting the river.
  • Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    Thanks guys. Yeah I felt terrible about the flat on the turn straight after the hand. Haha that's what happens when your tired.

    After he folds river is it possible he folded out hands like A2 A6 or even AJ or would you expect him to call?

  • FreeLunch Posts: 1,308Pro
    Where do they have turbo tables? Thats a great idea for cash games. How do they enforce it?

    Agree you need to pump it up on turn.

    Are you forced to cash down when you transfer? I hate that rule.
  • Floyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    Over in Australia haha
    They give you roughly 10 secs conunting ithereir head and then 10 secs on a timer if you don't make an action in that time your hand is dead. You can buy 30secs time for $1 twice in one hand
    Yes you are forced to start with no more than the max when you transfer tables. Only when your table gets broken can you hold onto your stack at a new table.
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